Do you do this full time or on the side? And if full time how did you make the transistion?

I have a day job so I am just doing windows on the side. My goal though is to eventually be able to do this as my only source of income. What about you guys? If you do it as sole income, how did you transition from doing it on side to doing it full time? How long did it take and was it difficult? Also ine hurdle is going to be affording paying for me and my wifes health insurance.

@Jonathan31 there are dozens of great threads on this subject and anything else you could image in regards to window cleaning try the search bar above.

Yes I do this full-time. For the last 30 years I have been self employed.


On my own for 20 years, 5 years as an employee prior.

The younger you are when you start the better it is, you have less responsibilities financially.

Maybe you just need to put yourself out there and go all in. The full-time job is severely going to distort what your real potential is with acquiring jobs and spending the amount of timeout there in the field building.

If your in a seasonal area, save up through slow season while working your full-time job, saving and preparing for a season kickoff when spring hits. At the same time use trying some tactics to get some storefront work that could get some type of repeat steady income.


Subcontracting is a great way to transition. You can pick up work from other companies and fit it in where you don’t have your own work. It’s a great way to substitute your schedule as well as gain experience while you grow your business.

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Yes, this is all I do. I worked a PT job the first year or so. I had some subcontracting work for 2 years after that, but it wasn’t Window Cleaning. It was only a couple days of work each month, However, it did provide a little money as I transitioned. So it’s been about 4 years since then. So self-employed for about 6 total.

My wife worked PT that entire time, averaging a day or two of work per week.

Yes, it is hard. However, many people accomplish it. You will have to push for years, and being self employed requires constant effort. I would say health insurance was one of the biggest expenses, and there’s no way around how expensive it is. Things like that will need to be factored into your pricing.

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My first 6 months and still doing carpet cleaning part time on the side to make enough to get by. It’s rough starting out :sweat_smile:


Yes insurance for me and my wife is thr biggest hurdle.

Next year will be 15 years for me. I have always worked part time by choice. I generally work 20 - 30 hours a week. My goal when I started was to build a business where I can make a decent income while also spending a lot of time with my family. It has worked out well.

Never take any day for granted. Live within your means. Live a simple lifestyle. Keep us posted on your success!


Thats awesome man. Yeah that has been basically my goal as well but the whole health insurance thing for me.and my wife has worried

Thanks. I am on my wife’s insurance. If I was single and had to get insurance it would be crazy expensive. I can understand you being worried. Do some price shopping and find the right fit for you and your wife. Hopefully you guys can find something that is good and affordable.

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You do carpets for someone? Or for yourself?

For someone. Worked for them awhile and they make it work for me part time. Massive respect to anyone who gets this going with a full-time job.

That’d be me. It’s tiring and hard but can’t give up. I planned on leaving my full time in the spring. I was going to grab a part time night job and continue to transition to full time with cleaning. BUT, in recent discussions with my wife and constant brain battles with myself, I may push another year of working full time days and doing this on the side. Mentally I am ready to dive in, especially with all the glass work that I could do too but I tend to be impulsive and I think that if I waited one more year, I’d be in an EXCELLENT position with more money saved.


Even if I could get a route to give me an extra 150-200 bucks a month it wouls be worth it. That could pay for a vacation for us every year.

That is VERY doable!

That’s about 2 weekends of marketing route work…

Heck that’s only 1 or 2 homes a month.


i’ve been self employed for 8-1/2 years i was was full time within 6 mos. Sometimes having Zero options and hunger is a great motivator!

new to windows but we purchased part of a route that you could live on also

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Thanks man. Thats encouraging.

My cleaning business is my sole source of income. I worked for it for 2 years then bought it almost 2 years ago.
@Jonathan31 it sounds like you are interested in making a gentle transition to FT. Definitely less stress to get your business assets and vehicle free and clear before going FT. Buying route(s) and/or a pre-existing business is the fastest way to make the transition.


I’m full time. Been doing it full time since 2005.

Wanna know how I made the transition? Like this:


Lol, you needed a foot in the ass? Sometimes I feel like that too.