Do you ever want to just be an employee in your business?

I like working for myself it is a good fit for me as a person. I’m self starting, care about the job I do, good work ethic, etc etc. And I like not having a boss.

But do you ever just want to go to work and then come home and forget about the day? I have a hard time letting go because I have so many things to handle. If I’m not turning the squeegee I gotta do invoices.

Problem is so busy with the work portion that the additional office stuff and bids are too much.

I’m good at either side of the business, but to be honest my strength is getting the work done, it’s what I prefer to do anyway.

I know the dream is to kick back and let the other guys work while you bring more business in. But do you think there is a model that would basically make you an employee. You show up at the job do it well. Go home.and relax until tomorrow. No worrying no fretting now wondering what is left undone. You don’t have the full responsibility of being boss but you still call the shots as needed.

I guess you would be more of a crew leader? Definitely not paid like an employee. you’re still in charge but delegating task of the business end.

you could hire a manager and have him order your schedule

So do you think that would necessitate another person on top of the ‘manager’? I guess my thought is that what the manager would do is important anf necessary but it is not truly dollar productive.

Do you need another employee to offset the manager cost?

I guess the manager wouldn’t have much to do once the weeks are scheduled, and in busy season that doesn’t take long. So either I’m paying them for nothing or they not getting work. I guess putting them in charge of invoices would help too.

Do you think with someone carrying all the other load that you can get that much more work in a day to carry the cost?

It would honestly be a pretty easy job for the right person. Pretty flexible. I guess you wouldn’t need to pay them a ton.

Idk just some of my thoughts.

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invoices should be all done and paid on your phone with quickbooks or similar.
look for someone to work from home for some extra phone support etc.
i started with a sort of franchise and the office did all the scheduling, it was great.

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Office manager - I’m having one for this upcoming season. It should help to eliminate a lot of the routine invoicing, follow up, scheduling, etc. and allow me to focus on growing the business. I also like working out in the field but will be able to focus more on what I would like to do in moving the business forward

Thats where I start to get ‘Lemon Faced.’

Along with the notion that we can just hire a salesperson, on commission…
and expect to work for nothing, when “nothing” comes in for them to sell.

Both are going to quickly find some ‘greener grass’ somewhere else.

Unfortunately, we are the only ones who work for free, as owners.
Everyone else needs a purpose, and (at least a) shot at improvement.

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wife doing the office is the only way you’re going to get as close to that as you can


While paying her a fair market salary, no doubt…

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You don’t need a manager. You just need a personal assistant. Even a part time one would probably change things dramatically for you.

But yeah, it will cost you money. Duh.
Bottom line- either work extra hard and feel stressed, burnt out and grumpy but keep all the money, or hire someone to do the mundane stuff and give a little of the money up in exchange for more free time and less stress.

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Yeah I hear you. I think that came out wrong.

I’ve been an employee for peanuts and told how awesome it is that I have a job. Hence why I’m self employed now.

But the pay is the dilemma that I hit. It is hard to pay yourself well and another well when you are really the only one producing.

It just doesn’t pencil.

But I don’t like the idea of paying people nothing either.

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Mail-order bride from Russia. Make sure she is fluent in quickbooks.

I just use Google Drive spreadsheets and call it good.