Do you get really muddy?

Do your pants get supper wet and muddy around the cuff when doing residential WFP cleaning?

No, but I always wear khaki shorts!

My guess is yours did?:smiley: Obviously with higher work your further from the glass/windows so less likely but…if your doing ground level WFP work around dirt/mulch etc. then there is a good chance you’ll get alittle dirty.

I don’t fret it much as I’m more inclined to think how much bank im making;)

Not to mention that’s why we have detergent & washing machines!

Another thing worth mentioning is get yourself some rubber boots (like knee highs) will save immensely on your shoes,socks & pants.

Also…shorts are a preferred apparel this time of year;)

Yes they did, but I was at our house trying it out for the first time and the waste water runoff had really soaked the ground. I think I’ll figure that out as time goes on.

Just get a longer discharge or waste hose & re-route it!:wink: You’ll find some gigs will be messy some wont.

Longer hose
White boots at wal mart
swimming trunks Black Baggy (comfotable and quick drying) not Speedo

no speedo’s I’m out!!!

I beg to differ. Whenever I wear Speedos I make more in tips than invoiced work…