Do You Get These Calls

I had 2 guys last year call looking for work. They were both geared up and very experienced. I did not call them as I was busy with 5 employees as it was (what a mess that turned out to be :rolleyes:) I am a lot smarter this time around… I hope :eek:

I actually called and hired one of these guys almost a year later!

anyhow, do you get calls out of the blue for people seeking employment? How about very experienced (or so they say) window cleaners?

I had a guy with 20 years experience and the most gear I have seen working for me last year. I thought to myself “what a find”. He sucked so bad I fired him on the spot (after he had done many jobs for me… and not 1 complaint :confused:) I showed up at a job he was finishing up and it sent shivers up my spine.

I almost fear the veteran guys more than the newbies. The vets are not going to change what they have been doing for so long, I can at least train a new guy with a chance of him doing well.

Back in the days, we had a pool service. Experienced techs knew how to cheat and look like the work was done. After those lessons were learned we only looked for newbies. That way “our” system was learned. :slight_smile:

I have not had a call, but have gotten e-mails, from my site. One e-mail was from a mother who’s son needed a job, turns out he just got out of jail and was trying to turn his life around, or so the mother said…lol i just told her that im not hiring at the moment…

I’ve received several emailed resumes over that last year or so. Even if I was in the position to hire I would totally ignore these guys. I can’t believe how poorly written these things are. Most almost use the angle that perhaps I should feel sorry for them. It’s all about what they hope I can do for them. What about “what can you do for my company?”

If/when I do hire, I will look for someone with no experience but has a great work ethic and is enthusiastic. I’ll train them my way and as long as they can do that consistently, we should be fine. (cross my fingers)

Chris- how do you feel about hiring some old school guys?

At least twice a week. Usually with no experience, no car & an advert appears a week later as they start on there own.
The ones that claim experience can’t remember what tools they’ve used before & what they are called. I get a lot of “how much do you charge” from the new starters disguised as clients.

We have only ever hired one person who had any experience. A girl who had worked for another local window cleaner for one year before finding us. She is still with our company and works harder than most of the guys we have here. She was trained properly, used the same methods as us and was and still is open to new ideas. There is nothing she can’t do just as well as anyone else here.

Including Thursday night drinking?

I had one guy call me for work out of the blue.

But I said we are not hiring at this time, so that was that.

You could have at least let me come in for an interview Mike, geeeez!



I got stopped at the hardware store today and asked if I needed any help by another window wahser because he was pretty slow.

So I am standing in my driveway the other day. There is a guy with sleeved out tattoos, a ZZ-top wanna be beard, and long unkempt hair barely held together held out of his face by a cheap rubber band.

“Hey Man… Do you need any help cleaning windows? I did windows for 8yrs and I am all tooled up.”

I politely declined and said I can barely find enough work as it is. After he gave me his number on a napkin out of his truck I said I would call if the need arise.

He walked away looking like someone kicked his dog. Poor dude.

Kinda looked like he just got outa jail and was trying to turn his life around.:smiley:
(see above post if you didn’t read the whole thread.)

Come to think of it… isn’t that how I got started in windows? :wink:

Very wise

I got a call the other day from a owner/operator of a company. He does high rise work,a nd he said he’s slow, and asked if we need any help.

I said no we didn’t (I’m still a one man show), but I offered hm the chance to bid on the juicy hospital that wanted a proposal, but after I hung up, I realized that I deleted the voice message that the hospital maintenance cordinator had left.

oh well…

Just call the hospital, and ask for the facilities coordinator.

That is, if you still want to pursue it. They sent me an estimate package by courier.

I have hired quite a few people with experience. Its decent when you dont have time to train someone.

For the most part, experienced people are usually set in their ways about how they did things for another company. They will bring unprofessional habits with them if they have worked for someone else (most of the time). 90% of them wont wipe a window sill, 90% of them wont detail a window correctly, 90% of them wont take the time to check over their work, 90% of them will treat you like you dont know as much as they do and you are not their boss. The other 10% are grateful that to have the work. Are grateful that your equipment is top notch, that you actually give them the right tools and equipment to do the job professionally and safely (Wow Steve, Your ladders have all the rungs and rope to raise them up and down- Ive actually heard this before). New people without experience is my advice. Start fresh with all the basics like customer relations down to wiping that sill and checking your work. Anyone can learn the trade. Some just take a little longer.


I had someone call me today saying he saw my ad looking for someone to do high rise work… Funny thing is I havent posted an ad for help in 6 months, and I only do residential I think he just wanted to see if I was hiring.