Do you keep stats?

I wonder how many window cleaning owners keep statistics on each project. How many hours did it take to clean X windows of Y size? How many repeat customers this month vs. new? How many small panes per hour did the subs clean? How many large panes per hour were cleaned by the hourly guys? How many mixed surfaces cleaned per hour in a construction cleaning project? You get the idea. I started keeping every available stat a year ago and it’s gold when it comes to rates for customers/ estimating time and general data for review and consideration.


yes, it Is gold!

you might simplify into a standardized “basis units”, everything is a factor of a standard basis unit you benchmark off of


I agree, I keep records on everything…

Seem life is cyclical.

yes, it’s actually amazing…recording is amazing!
I started to be more interesting in this, as soon as i started to have a disease, a had a lot of free time, i was depressed and i used to spend all my time searching for drugs like xanax , after this i started to do things that really matter, like keeping records on everything, and this is actually amazing!

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We track each job for hours required to complete but not how many windows each person may have cleaned.

All that really matters to me is the hours required to complete a job inside time and outside time


I do the same thing as @anon46335951. I keep track of how long each job takes. That is all that matters to me as well.

Same here on keeping track of hours. That is a huge help. Also keep track of squeegee sizes that might be perfect fits for certain windows. For big commercial WFP jobs we keep a 1 page blueprint which shows water taps, electrical outlets, and what size poles needed at different parts of the building. Saves hours in initial setup time.