Do you send e-mail campaigns?

I want to send nice e-mails like you get from spammers, but i cant put a graphic or pic in the email.

Does any one send e-mails monthly or so? And does someone have a sample they would like to share? Or does somone know how to put a image in the e-mail body, not as an attatchment?

I have “How did we do?” cards that I give to the customer as I am billing them out and they ask for the personal e-mail address and most give it.

I put them on my customer e-mail list and do send out blasts with pics. My companies e-mail is set up through yahoo and they make it easy to simply copy/paste pics within the text. I’ve sent exterior only water fed poling blowout offers accompanying a pic of one of us using the pole on a house. I also sometimes send out informational stuff like fabricating debris, shotgun fungus or mold remediation information.

I also do my reminders for service through e-mail as much as possible. The internet is the difference between my business in the 90’s and my business now. What a huge difference!

Dwight Rowe
Jencor Services, LLC
Severn, MD

Hey Josh

Yeah its super easy to do, WCR sends them out almost weekly. ACWC sends them out about every three weeks.

We use constant but there are like 1 other service that do the same thing.

You can paste images into you email by doing the following:

Pull your image up in your browser. Put your mouse just to the right of the image. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the curser from the right side of the image all the way to the left. This will highlight the image. Right click the image and copy it. You will then be good to paste it into your email.

I need to get better at getting all of my customers e-mail addresses. It’s a great resource.

What are some other ways to get the most out of e-mail for potential customers?


Constant contact provides e-mail addresses for a certain demographic like direct mail?



Nope its actually just a platform to create the email, and manage your contacts.

Check out my website:

There is a box up top where customer opt into the emails. Other than that we ask the customers for there emails when they call to book an appointment. We let them know they will get special deals that way, and they do! We email them super special prices not available to anyone else.


Do these mail shots account for a large proportion of sales?

What sort of jump in jobs did you see after implementing such a model?..

on a side note: an email address list like this takes time to build.(where people volluntarily gave you their address’ rather than you sending random mail shots)

I only have e-mail addresses that are given to me voluntarily by satisfied customers that consented to give it to me. What it does for me is gives me an outlet to send out blasts to remind customers of certain times of year and what I am offering. It also allows me to stay in contact with them by sending them the informational stuff to show I care and understand their needs. Some tell me they do not receive the e-mails as their filter weeds out those bulk sent addressed ones.

It has become a nice little network of friends for me.  I actually get forwarded ones from customers sometimes.  I appreciate that level of interaction because I feel I've earned a friend.  

 It does take time to build up a solid list.  And I try to not send them out too often as I don't want to be badgering folks.  I really couldn't tell you what it has done for me in terms of increased sales.  It keeps me connected to my customers without having to make phone calls or send out letters.  

 Bear in mind, in my case these situations are only done for existing customers.  I never send out e-mails to people I don't know as solicitation.  

Dwight Rowe
Jencor Services, LLC
Severn, MD

o.k, I thought i was somewhat comp. litterate, but, I guess not. I also use Yahoo, but cant seem to get pics on it with out having them be an attatchment. do you have to turn on html or something? I am lost. Chris send me an e-mail (when you get time) that has graphics in it from you not constant contact. I want to see how it looks. Thanks all for the help.

I have the e-mail portion on the waiver. I am building it up slow but want to have a monthly e-mail.

Just sent you an email with your avatar as a graphic in the body. I use AT&T Yahoo! as well.

Just copy-and-paste, baby! ~ Al Davis

I was using constant contact for a while too.

They offer excellent templates that look awesome. They have a 60 day free trial but I never took the time to learn the ins and outs. Too busy working [B][I]in[/I][/B] my biz instead of [B][I]ON[/I][/B] my biz.

Which totally goes back to Kevins Vid.