Do you think this is an unprofessional picture? Let me know what you think

So today I cleaned one of the 3 chapels I do… well my employee did most of the work :slight_smile: While he was doing the WFP work I snapped some photos and just wanted get an opinion on a particular photo. Prior to him cleaning I told him what I would do and different options he had, but the last thing I told him was “if you do not feel safe or comfortable tell me and I will tell them we need to come back another time with different equipment”. There are also windows on the left side so even if my WFP was long enough to reach to it, the angle is not there to effectively clean. So here he is with his shows of on top of the two lava rocks. I asked him if they were slippery and he assured me that there was plenty grip as long as he could stay barefoot. Good day though. One of my workers was a no show and he really stepped up to the plate and I was able to do some work on the inside.

HAHA, what a beautiful house… I love the pics man, it depends how some people look at it… i look at it as being cool and kinda funny, i always say as long as your getting the job done its all good… But im sure some customers would become all worried as far as injury, insurance, etc goes… Then again what other way is there to do it?

We scoped it for tie off points and tieing in would have created more saftey concerns. It’s not a house though, it’s a chapel.

Makes you wonder about the architect. When it was designed, no one ever considered how hard they would be to clean. I’d say your employee used his head, made the best of a bad situation and got the job done. I’m sure it’s a client you want to keep. Show them the pics of how hard it was to justify a higher price next time. And give that guy a raise.

My main concern would be having an extra person there to spot. I wouldn’t allow an employee to do that alone. A fall is bad, but getting knocked unconscious and then drowning in the chapel’s pond would be worse.

I frequently have to get inventive too though. I just hope that the little voice in my head starts screaming loud when the day comes that I start to do something really dumb and am too tired or distracted to realize it.

I like the pics and would definitely use them for marketing purposes to show that you can be inventive/creative if nessecary in order to get the job done right.

great pictures !!! i can almost hear that waterfall . you should copyright the photos though, as a cheeky cleaner over in the u.k. will most likely use them to promote his own website . this seems very common of late and i often read arguments about it on the English forums. i think the reason they poach and steal photos is because they are really UGLY themselves ,too ugly to ever be seen in a photo :smiley:

Wow, Beautiful! I want to move Hawaii… :slight_smile:

Yeah I watched em the whole time on those windows for that reason. I thought about having him tie into the palm tree or something… but I really think that would just create more stuff to work around and could end up causing an accident.

Bad ass man. BAD ASS. Na I think he’s fine as long as you have a spotter like mentioned above. I used to do this McDonalds that had an indoor playplace. Well these were not ladderable or poleable. So what else do you do, do you ask? We climb on the outside of the playplace! It actually sounds worse than it is but sometimes you do have to get creative. And the kiddies loved climbing inside and seeing me out the window fanning away lol.

Cool pics… I would maybe crop them though so you cant see whats going on from say the knees down.

wow what an amazing place … extreme window cleaning

You’d never use the step ladder one in the UK - someone would probably send it to health & safety dept as well - that would get you a 10,000 quid fine. Bigger company contracts may drop you if they saw that pic citing bad practice. I’d think they’d want safe workers.

Yea I think cropping the knees out is what Im going to go with. Karl: I have the other side of your picture :slight_smile:

Im not so concerned about something like that. I live on an island and would only get ****ed if someone poached my pic on Oahu. If you want to use it pm me. Everyone steals everything from the internet anyway. I would just prefer to know where and WHO my photos went to. Window cleaning photos look ugly when you put a big watermark on them. Sorry but, its 100% true.