Do you use carbon filters before your DI tank?

So I’m looking at renting a DI tank from Culligan until I decide on which set up I’m wanting to use. The guy at the shop was teling me that I should run the water through a carbon tank before the mix bed. Is that pretty standard practice or are most of you guys just running the mixed bed DI tanks?

Sometimes the carbon filter is a good idea sometimes it doesn’t make a big difference. It depends on the water in your area. That’s why some guys swear by it and other guys not so much.

Do most carts have a carbon filter on them or is that something extra that guys have added onto them? For example Unger HiFlo Pure Water System With Color Changing Resin. This one has two tanks, is on carbon and the other a mixed bed or is one tank anion and the other cation?

How so? Is it better to have one when the TDS is lower?

I haven’t tried my 4 stage RHG system without it but I’m gettin awesome with it

You want a carbon filter for removing chlorine plus any organics and VOC’s that may be in the water supply.

In the USA, the ppm ( parts per million ) of chlorine is 1-2 … The FDA is recommending it be raised to 4-5.

At some point, like 4-5ppm, there is a benefit in removing the Chlorine … otherwise your DI Resin will have to do that .

If you want to know more about your local Water, google 'Water Quality Report Your City and then search for your local government report - they usually do one report a year. You are looking for something like this : for example, Des Moines, IOWA - the Chlorine is about 1ppm …

I have heard that in the US you can get away without the carbon filter most of the time. Just stuff I’ve read over the years on forums. I roll with a DI filter set up.

Ya mike i just stop using mine . I still have it , but I have been reading that it’s not necessary also .

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Mike: so many things to try out and waste our money on in this business. Haha

I’ve made some, an wasted some . You don’t know till ya try though.

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Awesome that’s just what I was looking for. Thanks for the info!

Isn’t the carbon filter used to remove chlorine & fluoride? Ive been told they cause the resin to deteriorate, thus reducing its effectiveness. I dont think its about reducing the TDS, but about the corrosiveness of the chlorine & fluoride which can reduce the life of the resin.
Ive tested the tds of my drinking water system before and after changing the carbon filter, and the result has been zero change in tds.
But Im no Walter White, so take this info with a grain of salt.:slight_smile:


Your statement is mostly true except the fluoride bit; carbon media doesn’t reduce fluoride.

DI resin does remove Chlorine from the water; why put the full load of removal on your DI resin which has removal capacity in the hundreds of gallons and carbon’s reduction capacity is in the thousands?

In my opinion, for the cost of DI resin and the need for 0ppm TDS; I would want to lighten the load on the DI resin as much as possible.