Do you use Pressure washer or Wate Fed pole for awnings

I prefer the results using my tucker pole but have seen a few guys using pressure washers. Pressure washers sure look quicker but the pole seems safer for the fabric.

We use WFP for awnings

Wfp all the way. If its a small awning you may get away with presure washing i.e. 4/5 foot square. I’ve seen the results of pressure cleaning - it usually leads to sagging unless you can cut right back on the pressure.

i tried doing two awnings one time. I had 2 pump sprayers. One had water and another had my cleaning mixture, then I had a scrub brush on a pole and my step ladder. I tell you what, after killing my shoulders from scrubbing so much, and what seemed to take forever, the results were not as satisfying as I had hoped! I even had purchased Winsol Awning cleaner!
I cant afford a WFP as I do this stuff on the side for now. Is there anything else I can do to make the results a bit better? I think Oxi-clean worked better, but still alot of scrubbing!
These are a canvas type material awnings…

You can get a small (4-8ft) pole from a hardware store that attaches to a garden hose. Spray the chems on w/ your pump up sprayer and then use the pole to rinse and scrub.

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