Does anybody use the Garndner Super Lite?

If you do can you show me pictures of it? Show how it connects at each section, how the hosing velcro’s to the side. Also the ends of a section top/bottom.
How you would rate it 1 - 10 (10 best)
What do you personally like or dislike about it. Your information is appreciated.

There is another contender:

Have you discussed with Shawn yet?

Not yet, I highly trust his input though. I was just collecting a variety of views.
I will give him a call. Thanks.

Larry by the way, your picture is great! Ni chi zhonggua de fan ma?


Chinese - Trans.- You eating Chinese food? in the picture? That does look like a standard issue American corn cob though. I think the Asian in the background threw me off.

For more information on the Gardiner SL2 feel free to visit the manufacturers website.
There are some videos and many photos there.

This is not accurate. If the section is broke under normal use, then the section is replaced under warranty. If not under warranty, then they are $175.00 each to replace. Lowest price of any replacement section on the market for a modular carbon fiber pole.

I will say they are not as durable as an Xtel pole, but they are meant to be used at height and the user friendly aspect makes it the only pole we reach for over 40’. Many are in use in the US and there has only been one user that has had a problem with them.

With all the cf modular poles there is a chance of fusing - this happened to me as well. Carbon fibre fuses to the next pole - especially in hot weather. There is a way round this by using electrical tape where the next pole meets, so it doesn’t push its way down the pole. Although Alex Gardiner doesn’t like this idea, I have had remarkable success using this method. Jeff (Electric) put me on to this! He also lines the pole overlapping with one stroke of electrical tape. The cf fishing poles I use is also the idea of Jeff whom Alex Gardiner took the idea off, to make his Superlite poles.

We use a 60ft SL-2

As Karl says, the only problem we have found is the sections stick together unless you put tape around or spray the joints beforehand with the spray they supply.

The time you lose assembling (compared to a telescopic) is more than compensated by time gained using it due to its weight.

Whats in the spray Mark? Just a silicon oil spray?

PTFE spray (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) contains a tough translucent polymer which has high resistance to chemical action and has a low co-efficient of friction.”

"This PTFE Spray applies a thin film of protection to the joints on the Super-Lite Pole. Reduces wear and eases section separation. Apply every couple of weeks to ensure optimum performance.

This product can be bought when the 70 ml PTFE Spray Can included in the Super-Lite package is used up."

Thanks for the research Larry. It takes about 2 minutes for any page to load… appreciate it.

I own one of these poles and the are the cats meow! dont need to use the velcro straps,you can work all day with the sections and the only pain you will feel is your neck from looking up! lightest pole, get one you wont regret it

I purchased the 56’ pole from Shawn in May for a 5 storey retirement home and it worked like a charm. Easy to assemble, raise, manouver side to side/up and down. One thing you need to pay attention to is the amount of wind because it is so light. It comes in a great ‘carrying case’ too that keeps it together and is easy to store/move from job to job.
Here’s a few pictures of it in action.

This is not true at all sections #2 #3 snaped under NORMAL use and
I get no warranty,just a bill for more sections,I have had nothing but good to say about them,till they broke,well looks like Im out of a pole Thanks Guys:mad:

So, there was a discussion and a difference in opinion regarding the term “normal” use?

yea I took 4 sections to a pool tournament and was able to play from next door,that was not the issue manufacture wont take care of me but Shawn is
so Im not out any $

Perhaps it’s just me, but this reply is not clear and is at odds to your earlier post.