Does anyone but me

Find themselves ALWAYS exploring other ideas?

I suppose having ADD makes it easier for me to loose interest (the meds help) but I am cursed with curiosity about WHAT ELSE is out there.

Example: I don’t wan to know what is on TV. I want to know what ELSE is on TV. :slight_smile:

I am rather frustrated with myself for using old fashioned business ideas. such as doing business on hand-shake. Then, finding out such and such is not paying. This happens over and over.

So, I really want OUT of commercial window cleaning. Although I like the work. i hate the business. I hate having to have a contract and a loaded pistol (joke) to enforce the contract they agreed on.

So, I often look at other ways to capture more revenue from the residential client(s). Ideas/business that simply need alerting folks it is there.

Case in point: What if i had the cure to cancer? How hard would that be to sell? if I REALLY had it?
Or a real love potion?
Or a beauty pill or fat pill?

Or the Fountain of Youth?

Darn right it’d sell. But what else is out there that folks need/want?

Those thoughts NEVER stop runnin /round my head.

is it just me?

I’d like to know what some of you think and wonder about along these lines. Care to share?

Hey Phil, what I want to know is how did you stay contained on a cruise ship for 15 plus years. I have to give it to you though, you are always thinking. Some day we are all going to see you on an infomercial at 2 in the morning sitting in front of your multi- million dollar home next to your trophy wife, telling everyone how you made your millions. Give me a heads up, I’ll be the first to buy your book.

There is a cure, answer to most of these Phil, its just the system we live in doesn’t let it happen. We should be advanced enough to be living in a moneyless/work-less world by now, we have to get the grips released off us. People in general don’t like change. I’d be happy to answer all these off-board.

Ron: I lived in agony the entire time. Every second of every day except the time on-stage…was a mental burden. It staggered me how many idiots enjoyed being carted around under some other persons steering, cooking, deciding what is or is not fun…for days at the time. And…PAYING FOR IT!

I’d rather open a major artery.

Karlose: I am all ears man.

Not sure I seek a cure…just curious if I am the only guy on the planet who is curious what else there is.

Phil, you already know that I’ve fallen prey to this before, so I hear you loud and clear…

I call it “The bite of the Entrepreneurial Black Widow”.

What has helped me snap out of it is the realization that few business opportunities offer the combination of high profitability levels and low overhead that this WC biz does.

I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. Now I recommend the easy way.

Thanks Kevin. at the time of this posting, there have been 64 views and [U]ONE [/U]direct answer to the question. Yours.

I do recall you writing of this in your book.