Does anyone ever have the issue of water getting inside with WFP work? How to avoid?

We have some homes we service that have newer glass and we would have never thought water would enter inside but it did… Does anyone wash differently to avoid this?

Or how have you solved this issue if the customer isn’t home??

Hey Nate

It happened to us once on a window that wasnt closed all the way, we thought it was… :frowning:

How did it happen to you?

If water leaks through the seals its not the window cleaner’s fault and if they have money for window cleaning they need to invest in sealing there windows properly unless of course like chris you didn’t make sure the windows were closed which is an easy lesson to learn and easy to fix.

I’ve had two issues in the last year. With my proposals and contracts I include that we’re using low water pressure and to avoid leaking it’s the owners responsibility that windows be sealed shut and maintained.

One job in April the water leaked in on one unit in a new condo complex and damaged the sill, wall, and floor. The owner took action against the builder because of low quality work and the builder was found responsible and had to redo the work in that side of the condo. When I heard the story my heart stopped for 5 minutes until the owner actually thanked me for discovering the faulty construction.

Get everything in writing!

We close and lock every window after removing the screens

I’ve seen this problem a few times before. Ironically its happened on the most expensive windows ever. Mahogany clad handmade windows by Grabill. Super-high-end stuff. On two separate jobs I’ve seen wfp water leak through transoms. The actual casements and doors dont leak, just the transoms.

I hand tool the doors, personally I feel it’s faster and better not to have water all over the front stoop or back patio etc.

To answer the original question… Yes this has happened. It has always been issues with water coming in due to either lite settling or poor construction. I inform the home owner right away and then show them the water damage that has been occurring when it rains. Two things happen:

  1. home owner happy to find out about a problem that had been there for a little while and previously unnoticed that would eventually create a much bigger and expensive problem 2) the window cleaner is not only cleaning glass but helping them maintain and upkeep other important features of a house.

Since I have previous construction experience I have no problem helping them see where the issue truly lies.

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Several times I’ve had water leak through. It’s mostly been on prow front windows with wood frames. Maybe the weather wears on the caulking more than other places or there are a lot of shoddy contractors here.

Yes, this place was aprox. a 7 million dollar house that had beautiful big panes. The window that leaked was near the door. Do you guys hand squeegee doors to avoid this issue then?