Does anyone have an employee that has a medical marijuana card?

What would this do for insurance? Doesnt seem fair to discriminate against something that is being used properly. People take all sorts of crap and people do not think twice, but when it comes to marijuana there is a stigma and I recognize that. This issue has not come up with me but, just wondering because Im starting drug testing.


nope why? Im looking for the legalities if anyone has gone through this. It wouldnt be my first choice to hire someone with a medical marijuana card.

oh your saying nope you dont have anyone employee with a card. get it

I think Larry has one? The card I mean :rolleyes:

No, but I did meet a 70-something-year-old a few ago at the community plaza after a concert who has one. Very interesting chap; lots of great stories – including a hash scheme in Spain and Morocco back in the Sixties. Looking forward to meeting up with him soon.

For the hash or the stories?

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why cant it be both?

It can be.

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I don’t have any employees with medical marijuana cards. If I did, I would just insist that there was no using of it during work. And if they were just potheads and it affected their performance and/ or attitudes they would no longer have a job.

This is not directly related to the question. But out here in Colorado, medical marijuana was legalized two years ago. I have worked for several clients who are growing it in their homes. They always tell us to skip the basement. And I can always smell it when the front door opens. No big deal, it is just kinda interesting. Sometimes it is the most unassuming people too.

Why not? If his Dr. and the state say it’s legal then what makes it any different then a prescription for percocet or Valium? I don’t won’t someone using any of those on a job. When they aren’t working, what they do is there own business. If someone goes through the trouble of getting a card, you can tell him, and every employee actually, don’t smoke weed before or during work. It’s not hard to get without a card, at least that’s what I’ve heard.

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Growing their own, or requiring a drug for a medical condition?

It wouldn’t be my first choice because of the stigma of a person failing a drug test and having to explain to my insurance co… I am in fact a very liberal person and believe the same thing. I know for a fact that people clean windows drunk from last night (or that morning), pop oxycontins before high-rise jobs. When I say my first choice I think of a situation where I have equally qualified people with the right personalities I would go for the one that says “yes i can pass a drug test now”. That goes for any drugs. Which right now is a little hypocritical of me because I would fail a drug test because of the stuff they gave me for surgery.

Do you save money if an employee passes a drug test? If you request the test can’t you request what is tested for? I could smoke crack all day on a Saturday and pass a drug test on Monday. I could take three hits off a joint at a concert, and fail a drug test more than two weeks later.

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I know these things lol and they were going to be in my original post. The reason I didnt talk about that is because I wanted specific advise on this. We do TONS of drug testing. According to my newly hired PR people drug testing helps mitigate cost when an accident happens. It doesnt get me lower rates but if you show that you did your part before an accident happened they supposedly go easier on you when your rates go up.

I just want to know if anyone has done this before because I would hire a person with a marijuana card as long as it does not change things. Marijuana is a given on any drug test, so is opioids. Both are used for medical purposes. So is cocaine… but it’s the way of the world not my personal beliefs that are being considered here.

OK let me see if I get this… Hiring a potential employee who has a medical marijuana card. What do you think the level of ambition would be during work hours while (well let’s not use the term high) medicated?
At least if it was coke, while they were running from window to window (all pinned & paranoid) looking outside, they could be cleaning them… and quite quickly I’ll bet.

I can have my pick of meth heads thats for sure. Huge problem over here. Could pay em cheap too! Most dont fit the company profile though.

Joe: What is your insurance company’s policy regarding prescription drug use by employees? What allowances, if any, do they make for medical marijuana?

Thanks Larry… thats the right answer. Every policy is different. It would not only apply to my general but my workmens to I am sure. Time to make my broker do his job and get me some answers. I’ll post back here what I find out.

my uneducated assumption is that ins. Companies would be following federal guidelines, classifying marijuana as an illegal drug and grounds for a dirty test. Those medical marijuana cards are given away like candy here in California. The other week I was walking down the boardwalk in Venice and must have been harassed by 3 or 4 “doctors” advertising their services. I’d be weary of an employee with an excuse/license to smoke pot.