Does anyone price with flat rates

All of my quotes are whatever the house comes out to with bid. Does anyone do more standard rates where even if a house has a couple more or less windows than a similar one it is in the same price category. Like instead of jobs being $105 $110 $115 $120 $125 $130 they would be $100 $125 $150 $175 etc. I have heard of people doing this and it does not come down to per pane but more around each house of similarity gets the same bid. Pros and cons?

I think your market is what can allow or prevent this pricing model. For example, if your service area is mostly of master-planned subdivisions where the homes have only a few different design models, it may be possible. Also, if you know how dirty your average new client homes are, then that can help.

Locally, we almost never run into a duplicate design layout as we don’t have subdivisions that were built by a single builder. Everyone build differently, has different CCU tiers, and maintains their homes different ( think stain sprayed on windows, etc).

The majority of my quotes are over the phone and flat rates, and I have it on my site so I eliminate time wasters.

What is your site :slight_smile:

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yes. most of my jobs never have a pane or window count done. easier for us easier for customer. we do have a series of questions in quoteflare which determine if the standard package is good or if adjustments are needed.

The one hard lesson I learned in business is, “You must have a minimum service call rate!” Particularly on first time calls. $40 is ours. A one hour charge regardless. One or two high windows, it doesn’t matter.
You can make other adjustments, or special rates later on if you wish. This prevents word of mouth that your just a cheap hired hand. A fly by night. Before you know it you’ll be getting calls that just waste your time. Driving everywhere to dust one ceiling fan, or do one high window, ect…