Does anyone still do gutter cleaning in December?

Just wondering… I don’t want to work in -3 but is there people out there that don’t mind working in below 0?

I always seem to be backlogged into December and that will be the case this year again. There is a ‘sweet’ range from 32 down to something like 29 where the ice comes off in shards and holds all the debris in it. It’s a dream. Too much colder and I would either just wait for a thaw or if it’s a desperate situation use hot water to loosen the ice’s bond with the metal and maybe be able to pull up chunks. Below zero, maybe a true steam cleaner? I don’t know for sure.

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Usually after the first week of December i refuse to do gutters as im too busy to do them in the rush up to christmas.

What about a heat gun? Like a real heat gun, no flame, no hair dryer. I would think maybe it would loosen the ice enough to remove from the gutter? Or has this been tried before…

Obviously gutter hangers would be an issue, and you don’t want to banging on frozen gutters to break up ice…