Does anyone want a new Xero Pure Window Cleaning System?

I have a Xero Pure Window Cleaning System that I bought on here. I’m selling it because I just don’t ever really use Water Fed Pole Cleaning. I have used it twice so it’s pretty much brand new. It sells for $2,100.00. I would just want to sell it for $1,500.00. This is a steal. Let me know. Respond with contact details and we can discuss. Thanks. -Jordo

Where are you located?

Hey there. I’m located in Southern California. Capistrano Beach. I will ship though.

Do you mind telling me what all you have? Pole, brushes, hose etc?

Thanks much.

If it’s easier for you can email me at

Here are some photos. :blush:

Hello I am interested. Is it just the system or is it the package?

Hi there. It’s just the system for sale. I’ll send you pictures of everything. Just give me a good email to send it to. Thanks!

When I read the headline, I initially thought it was for free…



Hey you still selling this?

Yes I am still selling it. I sent you all the details. Are you still interested? Maybe the email did not go through. I can send you in again. Wanting to get rid of asap.

Yes wanting to let it go as soon as possible. You can email I sent emails with pictures already. Would you like me to send again?

maybe emails did not go through. let me know :blush:

Hello it went through I apologize, by the time you replied I had already bought a Tucker system that was on sale as I needed it for an upcoming job.

Hi, I’m right here in San Juan Capistrano. I’ll buy it if you still have it!

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I’m interested my email is where abouts are you located?