Does GG4 "lose it" over time?

Maybe its just me, but it seems to me that a fresh bucket of GG4 has great slip, but as the day wears on, the slip diminishes.

Is this due to some chemical in the GG4 evaporating or from microscopic bits of dust and dirt polluting the solution after a dirty stripwasher is plunged into the bucket over and over throughout the day?

I’m wondering about evaporation because it also seems to me that the slip is not as good even with a relatively clean bucket of solution that is leftover at the end of the day and used the next morning…

Call Harv at Titan, but I’d venture it’s the accumulated dirt and debris in both the solution and on your equipment.

I was working with these guys years ago and one guy would use a single bucket of water all day and the water would get black. So we put a brick in his pail and he didn’t notice till the end of the day.:wink: Morale of the story, change your water.

Yeppers, change your water before every job. I change the water when going from in to out or…frequently when doing resi work…soap is cheap and you are using your customer’s water


Every time you post I come to realize you and I are on the same level. I would do the same thing to those guy who wouldn’t change their water, or not even go back to there buckets to rinse their swab or get more water on it.

Once I did that to a guy with a ten pound weight, a flat metal one and slid it under his tools in his 5 gal bucket. He used the same water for 3 days toting around that 10lbs(REALLY) and on the third day he went to an apartment building converted into condos.

He ask the manager for some water and the guy took him to a janitor closet with a big old sink, he dump his water and the weight came crashing out into the sink and I mean crashing !!!

The funny thing about it was he was my employer “MY BOSS” ! What a joke that was, he definitely wasn’t in the realm of being "[COLOR=“royalblue”]“A Son of ETTORE”.[/COLOr] He had some real rookie issues, suffice to say I haven’t work for him in awhile !

Again I would also put rocks in the bucket, one time when I was using ivory soap I was in a doctors office and they had a bunch of prophylactics at the reception desk that were free and I took a few but never used them. I had them in my glove box and had this guy working with me that never went back to his to freshen up or to get more water.

At the end of a job the water in his bucket was as clean as when he filled it ! I told him to freshen up or to get more water or to get his bucket out of the path of the of the pedestrians, but he just ignored me. So I took the prophylactic and opened it up, stretch it out and put some ivory soap in it then threw it in his bucket . When he found it at the end of the job he just freaked out, OH YEAH !

Danger in the buckets / Pedestrians can fall over them !



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Howdy Randy,

I’m Dangerous but you can call me Dange !

Say change your water regularly at least per every job. You know when you use dish soap or the glass gleam its effectiveness will eventually go flat, it all depend on how dirty or greasy the glass is. Even glass that’s loaded with cigarette smoke can break down the effectiveness of whatever soap you may use.

Cigarette smoke can be really nasty in how it affect your soap ! I’ve used just about every kind of soap known to this industry… And the soap that I found that doesn’t go flat as soon as all the others, which can clean greasy windows, cigarette smoke ladened windows, bug spots, and just normal dirt…

Which won’t go flat as soon as the others, which has way more slip than anything I’ve ever used. So slippery that you need to make sure you hands aren’t wet with it when going up a ladder because it could cause your hands to slip off the rails !

I gained this knowledge from one of the [COLOR=“royalblue”]“SONS of ETTORE”[/COLOR][[COLOR=“black”][/COLOR]Who cleaned windows for 60 years and has past away ! I still use it to this day with NO ill affects that you may hear through out the industry ! The product I use is Tri Sodium Phosphate… It works great and leaves a shiny glint to the glass… Try it sometime I think you’ll be impressed !

DANGE / SOAP WAR, Bring it on Dudes and Dudets


I gotta disagree with you on that. I also have a carton of TSP (just in case) if I use it daily my hands dry out much faster, I get cracks in my skin on the knuckels and around the finger nails. It also destroys my presious… I mean my chamois:) But for greasy windows like KFC, it really does work great. Now I might not be 100% sure on this but I sure got it stuck in my head.

I remember when I [I]only[/I] cleaned windows I would have hand lotion in the glove compartment and put it on 5-6 times a day to keep my from drying out. You know I think I’ll give it another try for daily use, I’m not in love with this new glass gleam stuff at all. It suds up my sponge no matter what I do. I never had that problem with Sunlight dish soap if I used it right and I know TSP has ZERO suds… but when I dunk my chamois it feels so slick it’s hard to wring out lol.

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Yeah Mike I’ve known lots of cleaners with that skin problem, and it can be very painful…I couldn’t give you any advice on that issue.

But if you soak your chamois in your soapy or with TSP water, stomp on it a few times like an Indian does on river rocks to wash their deer skin clothes, back when this was their land !

After you do that then do it again in fresh clean water about three times stomping on it and ringing it out each time, then your cham will be perfectly clean and soap-less!

Your right though it does destroy the chamois quicker !

Your Bro, Dange


I’ve never considered doing the Rain Dance to clean my chamois… Now I know ALL!:smiley:

I have contacted Titan Labs for you, they should be chiming in shortly with an answer for you.

For those of you who are having the dry hand issues, can’t you use the tight rubber gloves and simply keep the chemical off the skin? Are you guys using the Trisodium inside as well as outside? What about tinted glass, does it affect the tint?

Are you saying keep the water clean so you can see the brick at the bottom. :slight_smile: