Does the WFP method out perform the Squeegy?

I was thinking about purchasing a WFP system. I watched Steve’s videos ,great by the way, and thought does the WFP system have the same “performance” as the up close/squeegy method?
I do alot of [U][B]new[/B][/U] residential accounts down here in texas that need restoring and scraping. So I am very meticulous about the window being perfectly cleaned! I come across maybe 10-20 windows a week that a wfp would be the best method to clean them(no ladder access), but is that worth me purchasing the system? Is it just a luxury tool? And as far as regular customers will it out perform the squeegys, detailing and GG4? I understand it cuts the time in half, but is it cutting the performance? I feel that the wfp system wont even come close>
Whats your opinon?


Personally My WFP does not touch anything residential unless they are on atleast a quarterly cleaning. For commercial the first time cleaning (not post construction) I use a porcupine washer followed by the WFP on each window, but as long as they go once per year I find the WFP works fine alone after that.

Just the way I do things. If you mostly do residential and service mostly 1 time customers or atleast no regular scheduled customers, I wouldnt use the WFP much at all.

The wfp does not cut your time in 1/2.

If you are doing residential the windows will not look as good if you are using a squeegge, unless you do the job every 2 or 3 months. your window frames will be much cleaner, but who cares, people want cjean spottless glass, not spottless frames.

A wfp is a good choice on saving time if you are cleaning windows that are 3 stories or higher, where i live homes are 2 stories or less.

If you have alot of slopes and hills around windows, then a wfp will have to work.

99.9% of my jobs are flat surfaces.

So, it is a good tool to have, but it will not solve all of your problems.

As of right now i only use my wfp on my monthly Commercial jobs and windows(Residential) i cant reach with my ladders.

PS: I have lost a few customers using a water fed pole

Great advise!!

Its always interesting to hear the responses from end users to this type of question. Everyone seems to have an opinion.

In the US window cleaners are still being taught and learning the wfp and how to unleash its potential. In other countries 1,000s of window cleaners are able to use a wfp on EVERY job other than construction cleans.

It will not remove paint, silicone, or some other inorganic matter, but it will get everything else off and leave not spots with proper training.

I suggest you try to find someone local who is successful with the technology and see if they are willing to show you a thing or two.

I use a wfp on all my residential work. I do not do ccu and wouldn’t use a wfp even if I did. However, on a typical residential clean the wfp works great if used properly. I have been using a doodle bug and/or razor on an extention pole, if second story, to remove any paint and such. Can’t wait to get my Reach Around.

I have never had a complaint and customers that were home when I used it were amazed at how easy it looked and the results. It does not save me 1/2 the time but it does save a good bit of time as well as wear on the old legs from going up & down ladders. The wfp for me is a dream come true. Next a gutter vac.

Took the words out of my mouth Sean! With the new Reach Around you can get the scraping done to make the glass spotless. WFP is not a magic wand but if you develop your technique and employ the right accessories it comes pretty close.

Wfps can open a whole new world for you. I was a wand and squeegee man for 23 years before I tried the wfp. I didn’t think it could possibly do as good a job. I was wrong. When propery used, the wfp is every bit as good and can do things yo simply cannot do the conventional way. It has revolutionized our business.

I used a WFP on a house today that I cleaned last year with my WFP. Last year was the first time it was cleaned with a WFP and it came out looking great. The windows came out looking spotless today too. There were a few shotgun spots that needed to be razored on the ground level windows, but not a big deal.

The owner of the house, a commercial client of mine as well, was thrilled with the results. He stated he liked the fact that no chemicals were used, and that I didn’t have to use a single ladder.

These were small cutup windows that I would have spent over half the day on if I had used a squeegee and ladder. I was able to clean the windows in an hour with the WFP.

I use my water fed pole on every house we do. And then I check results and touch up via laddering up where needed to achieve final results. If you lost customers I’d have to say it was the result of poor judgement…not the water fed pole. You have to be the final judge in how the glass looks. As a window cleaner our eyes are our most valuable tool. The work is serial in that once you learn it it is just repetition. So I wouldn’t say the water fed pole has lost anyone customers.

I know of window cleaners in the UK that only use WFP, they wouldn’t know what to do with a squeegee. One particular guy has even given talks for the FWC (federation UK) on WFP handling & use.

We have been selling equipment to a bunch of Power washing guys recently… They have never touched a squeegee either…

I would train to check each window very carefully after completion of a WFP. I do think it would come in handy with regulars that have already recieved superior window cleaning service and those hard to reach windows! I train my guys to clean both sides of the windows together, so they can point out each others missed spot/smudges,or check for hard water, oxidation, calcium deposits etc… Ensuring the glass is perfect every time even to the trained eye.

whatever you say…

Hey Manny, here’s my take on it. We check every job for quality anyway so double checking and buffing a little here and there is nothing new for us. I purchased the WFP because I kept seeing so many job where I thought there was too much ladder work involved which equals danger.

There is also a definite speed improvement and access improvement too. For example we were able to get a couple of windows easily the other day that we always have problems getting to with a ladder because of some shrubs and trees.

For me the idea of having a WFP makes sense if only from a safety standpoint. Every time we can clean a window without getting on a ladder is just a few more minutes of safety for my guys.

From a profit standpoint, there are way too many jobs that we have which I know we could cut the time in half, especially in the 2-3 story commercial that we do like Hampton inn.

Used the WFP all day yesterday with beautiful results, never picked up my squeegee for the exteriors, all resi also… One of the houses was a first clean too. Used a doodle bug to remove any loose junk and knocked it out with the WFP. The key is technique, and proper rinsing. Some planning helps out also, for example if you have a transom window with a slider right below it and some stucco in between, dont try and clean both windows one after the other. Things like that can save you time and give you beautiful end results.

It’s a tool and like every tool has to be used correctly or it won’t work right. I use mine on res work. And I said this before and say it again. I challenge anyone to come to NJ. We will hit up two beach front homes, you can use tradional means and I will use my WFP. 4 hours later when you meet me at the bar after your done. I’ll buy the drinks as my profits will be double if not triple yours and my results will be just as good if not better.
As stated here before, there are things it will remove and things it wont. You have to pick an choose the job you are going to use it on. I prescrub and that saved a ton of work. Heres another great way to use the WFP. One homes with casesment windows, you can use the WFP inside and outside by cranking out the window. Watch this video, it’s 4:32 long. I would like to see someone crank out that glass in that time frame with a ladder or a tradional pole.

// In and Out w/WFP - YouTube

I would take you up on that offer, was that a 3 story window? or like 2 1/2?

What size of a ladder would you need for that job?


3 floors. I have a 24 ftr that when I worked that home before I had a WFP gave me a hard time to with reach. I would think a 30 ft ladder would cover it. When you want to met up? Tomorrow at the show? lol I have two beach fronts next week.

I could meet next summer, I cant make it out this year,(gotta a broken leg at the moment.