Does This Irritate You Too?

While I was researching search engine results the other day I could not believe what I found. In my area there are keywords that you need to be [I]at least[/I] $3 per click to get on the first page!

That is not what irritates me

What irritates me is these marketing people that click my ads to contact me to sell me advertising. I was inundated last month with calls like “if you are looking for more customers I have some for you”, which then leads to " sign up for a 1 year…"

I politely say no and ask how they got my number (since I am not in the book) They said my website! I asked where they seen my website, they said Google. I said do you mean the $3 per click google ad? Do you mean I just paid $3 to have you bother me? silence

The searches the last 3 months have been as low as I have ever seen them (21 impressions yesterday for 20 keywords! which includes me searching those words!). I have been getting clicks not followed up by a free quote request. Now I know why, these a-holes are clicking away on my ads.

It cost me $80 in December for PPC and I had 0 contact from my site. Of course my competitors keep looking at my ads too I am sure (not click fraud, just keeping watch)

I have become quite rude now with these advertisers and let them know they just cost me money to waste my time.

Next time you get a call from one of these peeps, find out where they found you.

ahh, I feel better now. thanks :smiley:

I get bombarded with online advertising all of the time. I use a website submission service that has put me in the #1 slot 4 years or so running. is always trying to sell me space on their site. They start talking about how I am lower down the page on the listing when servicemaster and merry maids are dominating the top slot. I ask the person on the phone to look for a window cleaner in my area and let me know who pops up. Its always me! they still are persistant on selling me space. No thanks I tell them.

I have always been leary of pay per click advertising (as a business and as a consumer) I do resort to the pay per click if im looking for something like a hard to find part for something (like dirtbike parts). If im looking for a service company to fix something for me, I usually look through the listings on the first and second pages.

I havent had very many requests come through my website in the last few months. I dont think it is a total loss though, I believe that consumers will view your site then pick up the phone to call you. They want immediate attention to their need.

This post probably has nothing to do with what you are talking about:D

I don’t think perceptions on PPC are a big deal. I am not sure people are thinking anything about placement. Most will call the first 1-3 and some will skip down. I want most.

That said I am done with PPC this spring. With at least 10,000- 20,000 fliers going out per month I need not worry about it.

I will definately be optimizing my site for high natural ranking.

PPC used to be great a couple years ago when I had hardly any competitors with websites… now it’s a lot more competitive.

The last 3 months I have flushed about $300 down the toilet. hmm, what I can do with $300 worth of fliers…

Wow you must bring in a ton of work with that kind of distribution do you use a direct mail house, or might you have a recommendation.

it went up from $2 something to $3 something in the past few months, I have gotten only few calls from it, only google, never mind yahoo that mysterious place of spider webs and dinosaurs nobody uses. it’s like a $1 there per click last time i checked. It just seems there is no consistant place to get customers online. and yes i got calls too how they can improve my ranking for only 99 a month and other advertising. lots of time and money wasted on google cpc