Does this post upset anyone else

Do people not realize that a business is not just this machine that produces money it needs customers to make money. A business is a person just like an employee. I get that it is her attempt at a warm hearted gesture but I don’t think she realizes she is literally robbing Peter to Paul. This facebook posts really irritates me.

Yea thats kinda weird.

Maybe the thought is that a window cleaning company has customers already to tap into. Also, she may not necessarily need any of those items but shes trying to help a neighbor put some money in their pocket. I wouldn’t take offense to it.

Honestly it’s the least of our concerns at the present. People are desperate for work, others are looking for anyway to feel like they are helping.

All I know is if they close the liquor stores, I’m screwed. Forget toilet paper, I need my bourbon to take the edge off…


I’ve had worse things happen to my eyeball. There are 350 plus million Americans and I live in an area 2 million! I don’t worry about one person trying to assist another person in having some small income. I know a lot of us are worried about the market and economy at this time and I hope all of us weather this out and come out ahead. Because after people spend a few weeks in the house staring out the windows, they’re going to realize they need a real professional to get it done.

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I get that but if all of the window cleaning customers had that mentality then us window cleaners would be the folks out of work.

An what if out of work folk get hurt on her property. Those out of work folk will own her house.

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I don’t disagree with anything you guys are saying. I’m just saying that she’s probably trying to help a neighbor get through a tough time.

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I really hope that in a few weeks that I can look back on that post and be bothered. But I think it will be the last thing on our minds I just a few days.


But they don’t all have that pov…so no big deal.

A lot of those businesses are ready for a pick-up coming into spring, combined with a lack of contact, the post is odd. That post is either a gesture, or a trap. I’d wager the latter as the list of services encompasses a large audience looking for work.