Doestic accounts

hi its pete mg from over the pond, north of London England. as i read it you guys seem to need new accounts all the time,when fall and winter are here do you pack up till the next year,or do you carry on. over here accounts your accounts or customers then do them spring summer and winter year in year out as lon g as the customer needs or wants you on a 4 weekly basis witch seems to be the norm.that way you have on going repeat work IE as we call it a window-cleaning round. if i had to find new work every spring i don’t think icould make it pay.could you guys give me an insight as to how you run accounts or around over there, thanks for now …petemg:confused:Real Estate Flier.pdf (35.6 KB)Real Estate Flier.pdf (35.6 KB)Real Estate Flier.pdf (35.6 KB)

My typical residential customer requests cleaning (inside and outside) once or twice each year. This typically occurs in Spring and Fall.

I continually attempt to add new customers.

My WC’ing “rounds” are really year-round weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly storefront and professional office services, not residential.

No Res’ at all? :eek:

My reference was to the term “rounds” with regard to residential service.

I don’t have residential “rounds.” I do have a commercial route.

I have repeat annual and semi-annual residential customers.

OK – I do have two weekly and one biweekly residential customers – I lied.

larry do you have your rounds customers sign an agreement/contract? and if so what do you do when they send you away?

Only verbals. I have never been sent away.

same here, but I’m starting to use service agreements now, main reason being is I want to sell my route when I am done with it, and thats hard to do without paperwork.

So, your service agreement is actually a signed contract?

Yes it is signed, but I don’t use it to lock them in legally or anything like that, as my customers tend to be very loyal. It’s more for image, and so I can sell the route easier.