Dog Day Afternoon

So I am driving down my street today and I live in a rural area. So we have snowy dirt roads. Across the road my neighbor has this big monster dog they kinda let just run freely.

Here is the problem I have, it likes to chase cars. I have watched out my front window as it was running after cars going down the road. I thought to myself someone is going to kill it. 2 months ago I almost ran it over.

It trys to race to get in front of the car, like it’s on a suicide mission. Well sure as hell that big dog comes out of nowhere today and I slam on the breaks, it slams it’s head into the side of my car as I go careening into a snow filled ditch. I mean just like Cujo

I get out of the car and see the dog making his way back home unhurt. I pursue the beast to the house to let the owner know (which is a customer of mine). I was not in a great mood. His wife was kind enough to blow it off which made me in turn get a little angry. She began to giggle! “oh come on, it was not that bad”

I told her to f herself and walked away, warning that the next time I am not stopping which lead to more giggles and “ok, bye”.

I was beside myself. I can’t tell you what an absolutley horrid time I would have had dealing with a dog I killed. She thinks I am over the top? What if my kid is in the car with me, what if a car is coming in the other direction (I had to avoid the dog by crossing the other lane) What if her dog is a bloody mess on the road? Would that not be so bad either?

As I walked back down my quarter mile driveway to figure out how to get my car unstuck I thought to myself there are some crazy people out there.

Add them to my fired customers list

I normally do not vent, but I am HOT. Thanks for listening.

I learned long ago (after living through a dog accident) NOT to break for animals.

Chances are my car will win the collision…and my car knows it.

I break for kids, balls rolling in the road, free beer and trains.

Oh…and hotties skating on the road.

I might break for a rolling ball train drivien by a hottie…if she had free beer.

That would really **** me off to man, some people are so self centered.

Run it over. I had my three kids and wife in the car on a trip one time and two black labs ran out in front of me trying to chase our mini van. I ran them over dead, and didn’t even stop to say I’m sorry. I wasn’t sorry because I was going through a curve at about 50 mph with traffic coming the other way and I wasn’t about to swerve. If anything, they would have owed me because of the damages to my car’s front bumper, but I elected to just continue on the trip. Glad you weren’t hurt.

… maybe just to find out upon second glance that she is a Dog. :slight_smile:

You can send Cesar Milan over to their house to train the dog, he is the Dog Whisperer. What is wrong with people?

This reminds me of my favorite line from Men In Black by Tommy Lee Jones - a person is smart, people are stupid, dumb, and irrational!

then I would regret not hitting her, it, them. But I’d still not swerve.

Sorry, Paul, that is a rough afternoon.

Some people are so selfish.

perhaps next time I will swerve down their long driveway and into their kitchen…

when the cops show up I will be sitting there giggling

(I will make sure to miss the dog)

“Never underestimate the predicability on stupidity!!!”

Bullet Tooth Tony “Snatch”

If you have animal control, call em.

Alberto E.:):slight_smile:

I tried to avoid a dog on a snowy counrty road last year, and drove right into a snow filled ditch, just like your talking about, i spent about twenty minutes trying to get out and finally called a friend, who got stuck in the other ditch pulling me out. I then pulled him out without going back into the ditch. It ruined my whole day.

I hope you were able to get your car out without much trouble.