Dolly mounted system or just DI Tanks?

Im looking to get into the WFP game. One of my competitors in the area uses simply a DI Tank hooked to the hose and a pole on the other outlet. Whats the difference between a DI tank and the whole 5 step, $5,000 dolly mounted system?? Im guessing the dolly system is better for hard water areas and it has a consistent result but is it worth spending so much more??

Please help!!!


Colm Fitzgerald

Hello Colm,

Excellent questions. The RO/DI systems or multi-stage systems as they are also known, are best for areas with harder water. The maintenance cost of the system is substantially lower vs. going with straight DI.

Our 5 Stage RO/DI system is priced at only $3500.00

We have sold quite a few of these systems and the performance of these units is 2nd to none.

We do also make custom van mount systems that can be built to spec by the end user.

Feel free to call me to discuss things further. 303-521-2300