Domain name and DNS Help?

I am trying to set up my web site. My old site was with google as well as my email. I have a domain through Godaddy. My new site in with microsoft office live. Heres my problem. I want to keep my email through google but their web page builder sucks. Microsoft has the function to use the domain name for a web site only and keep your exsisting email. so the web site is ready and when ever I try to attach my domain to my web site it cuts out the email. I put the email back on and the web site is gone. I’ve been playing with server names and dns numbers and mx numbers. So far I have only managed to jack everything. I got my email back finally. it seems to be working. the web site has my domain name listed as the primary domain but when you go to it you get the 404 error not found. at this point I am in web site server dns hell! Anyone know how to fix this to make my email work through google and my web site work through office live while still using godaddy? I am so lost.

Hey scott, so let me make sure I understand you correctly…
Your domain name is registered through godaddy, and you want to host through Microsoft?
If so, when you signed up for hosting on microsoft the should have given you 2 name servers. You need those, now login to your godaddy account, and find your dns settings, there will be a spot for you to input those 2 name servers, lastly upload your html files to your microsoft server. this will direct your site and email to the proper location. (There sometimes is a lag of anywhere from 2-48 hours for everything to get “ironed” out.)
If this still all sounds foreign, you can get on the phone with godaddy, they are pretty helpful, or I’d be happy to give you a phone call when I’m in front of my computer.

To be honest I didn’t understand the question, BUT if you’re with Godaddy just call them or get support online, I have never called but I keep hearing that their tech support is top notch.

So far godaddy hung up on me twice and one told me to call microsoft. I did log in and put in the two server names. The only problem is that when I do this it cuts my email out. it’s almost like I can enjoy one or the other. I have even tried to enter in the exact DNS numbers with the server numbers. From the looks I have everything set up right. but I could be very wrong cause I have never done this before.

I don’t understand the question either.

ok let me try again.

My domain is with godaddy. my site is on officelive with a generic address. My email is with google.

At godaddy the name servers are theirs. when i change them to office live it shuts off my email. Godaddy tells me I have to enter my mx numbers for my email into officelive but there is no where to do that. All I want is for my site to come up when you enter the address and my email to go to google. I have added and deleted and re added mx numbers, name servers, arecords you name it. I am at the point I think I have just royally confused myself. does this make any sense to anyone? I am so lost I don’t know what to ask. I don’t know…time for a beer.

I don’t see why your website should effect your email.
What does not work with your email? Do you mean when someone clicks on your address from the website it does not come to you?
Maybe it would help if you give us your website address and email address.

I just checked Google’s Page Creator site. If you used their Page Creator to build your website they say “It’s not currently possible to change your site’s URL”.
So you may need to rebuild your site with another program.

Right. The website is hosted through Microsoft office live. My email is with google gmail. I don’t have my site on google any longer. So when I try and set the domain name over to office live it cuts the email. Office live has a section for web site only and allows to leave your mail were its at. I am mainly just having a problem connecting the domain name to the website with out it affecting my email.

I have a godaddy account for another unrelated business. I was thinking of dropping the other business and using my godaddy acct. for a window cleaning company (name to be determined).
not sure if this would work…