Don Quits!

Say it aint so Don…

Seems like someone got under Dons skin…[B] Ill miss you Don![/B]

I’ll miss those videos!!!


Don’s video are great. Even if you don’t agree with everything he says or how he conducts his business. He was always offering it up free of charge. Too bad a few folks had to spoil the party.

Mark - fill that void :smiley:

Yeah Youtube is weird like that. People say tons of obnoxious crap all the time… Alex got bashed on his fanning technique…(lots of people saying straight pulls are faster)

If you check out any Of Big Jim Willinghams speed contest… tons of people bashed him… Jim gives out his home # and threatens to travel to teach people lessons in manners… Good stuff…

It is a shame though … I really liked Dons stuff and was sorta inspired by him…If anyone talks to him… We would be happy to host all his videos and handle all the moderation.

Then Mark will soon find out what Don did. Spending your time making free instructional videos will rob valuable time from building your own business.

I don’t know man…

Wasn’t it Ziglar that said,

“if you helps someone across a pond, you can’t help but get there yourself.”

Cheers Don. I hate getting bashed on the stupid youtube.

Don had a hell of a run. I guess I’ll have to get a facebook account now. I know how it feels being ***t on through faceless comments on the internet. I want to wish Don a BIG good luck and thank him for paving the way.

Don is the man. Mark! Your have some big shoes to fill. My videos are short and sweet. But Mark gives 100% truthful accounts of everything he films and people love that.

Again… Cheers Don.

ps. I got the cheers thing from those guys across the pond I like it :wink:

I have probably read everything by Zig (literally) and I can assure you that he is a big believer in adding value to people’s lives through helping them get what they want. However, he never advocates going out and just giving away everything free. Especially at the expense of your primary business. As Don is finding out, you have to decide what business you are going to be in. Film making or window cleaning.

Look at Chris and Alex. They are not making videos and this forum because they are bored and want to be swell guys. They are following a carefully crafted marketing plan to sell window cleaning products and services. We all know that and have no problem with it because they are adding value to our lives and so we buy from them and feel good when we do. That’s what Ziglar was talking about.

It appears that Kevin is rethinking things also:


Well I wish Kevin well. I’m sure his decision to scale back on his different ventures wasn’t an easy one.

As for me filling Don’s shoes…Um, no. My ‘tool review’ videos come from a love of tools period (and that includes my video camera, computer and the internet). I’ll continue to make them as long as I have the time and have something informative to say about them.

I think that video from Kevin is a few months old now.

The date says it was May 29, 08. 2 months ago. Are you saying he has changed his mind now?

I wonder why Kevin vanished from this forum. I understand that he wants to nix his marketing thing, but I am surprised he bolted. He has a lot of support on here and people always listen to him…ah well.

I have never watched any of Don’s videos (including this one). It sounds like he touched a lot of people in some way. That sucks

Oh I have no idea. I was just being a chimmer inner.

It seems odd for him to just vanish like that. On NWCD he wrote a goodbye letter. On Don’s forum he wrote an email saying he wouldn’t be coming back. On his website he explains that he is taking a break from doing some of his marketing, though not all.

But he hasn’t written a goodbye here, which makes me think, that he is coming back. Perhaps he’s on a long vacation or something.

My guess is, that he’ll be back.

I hope Kevin comes back. If he has anything planned I can assure you that Chris and I are in the dark about it. Kevin has good contributions and is a respected business man.

Kevin will be back here… Probably in the winter…

Oh. It looked to me like the “chest pains” video was the last one posted on his YT account. I hope he returns with a vengeance, because I really like his material.

Yeah i think the chest pains one was his last piece.