Don Quits!

I took all except one of my videos off YT. The one I have up now, is only allowed for moderated comments. Maybe Don should have that setting, then only allow those he wants.

I’m pretty sure you can just disable comments all together. I thought about that. But some people leave nice comments. :rolleyes:

That’s why I set up mine for only moderated comments. You receive and email asking you if you want to publish it. You can just flush the junk before anyone ever sees it. It really discourages flamers.

You can also block any individual poster. I’m familiar with one annoying poster who gave Don a hard time. Don blocked this user but then one day Don commented on one of my videos and this same guy used my video comments section to attack Don again.

I’ll be I know who your talking about. I blocked him months ago.

we assume these a-holes are the exclusive reason Don stopped. I just watched the video and he referred to it as a “waste of time”. Maybe he is frustated with the a-holes and just said that.

He is right about one thing- people attach no real value to free information. Imagine what we could do with the wealth of knowledge on the interent… but we wont.

I’ll sell you the Internet if you want…

doesn’t Al Gore own the internet?

I thought he sold it and purchased the ozone layer.

I think your right about the videos. The comments are just one reason for pulling the videos. I think he’s gotten busier and busier the last few months, he’s gotten into real estate (I think), has three employees, is getting involved in local politics, and has other hobbies. He just didn’t have time for it anymore. Perhaps his wife told him to pull the videos too, you never know…

I think people value free information, I do, there so many times that I google something, or look up something on Wikipedia. Of course, we all know, how accurate Wikipedia, or a Google search can be at times, so many are skeptical about the quality of info they receive. But who doesn’t love free info. We can get information in mere seconds, where before we had to make a trip to the library, bookstore, or never know the answer. Free info is great!

I think it’s a case where some people are information junkies, myself included at times, you get a lot of info, and love learning more and more, and then end up doing nothing with it. Don did mention that in his video. Some people just don’t get off their butt, and do something.

Anyway, just my two cents.


I agree totally… you should see the massive pile of information I paid for I can’t get to :slight_smile:

To be honest, Don’s video weren’t free without a motive. The bulk of his videos came out around the same time that he set up his forum and on-line store. ( The popularity of his videos brought many people to his web site. When the store proved to be too much of a hassle with not enough profit to make it worthwhile, the videos decreased and he shifted his focus to what has supported his family for years. Getting window cleaning jobs.

As Chris mentions in the latest video on WCRNation (episode 13) you just gotta go out there sometimes and try new things even if it means failing often. It’s people that never put themselves out there that will never know their true potential.

the better thing to do is have a better idea of whom you are dealing with.

I believe in informed risk, Don was not informed

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.
-Winston Churchill

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Don could have gone big for new starters with his video’s. Put out a teaser, then made a subscription package including the forum. I’m sure I mentioned it to him via PM in the early days.

hey guys…I am SOOO not nixing the internet coaching thing, just wanted to take a minute to catch my breath (okay, more like a month and a half…) after that freaky health scare…

I recorded a brand new coaching video this past weekend actually (aug 4, 2008), up in cottage country, but deleted it from the camera. Goofball mistake. Expect TONS more videos from me coming your way, though.

Soon, too.

[I]“Spending your time making free instructional videos will rob valuable time from building your own business.”[/I]

[INDENT]Unless, of course, its all part of the master plan…[B]muuaaahahaha[/B] (as my friend used to love saying…)[/INDENT]

I didn’t spend the blood sweat and tears writing a 210-page book for nothing. I want to help every window cleaning business person I meet skip the learning curve and work smarter starting now. If they need some videos and blog posts to figure out that I’m not a scammer first, thats totally cool. I get it, because I feel the same trepidation, too, when trying to learn new things that I need to know.

I really think that Don was expecting his online sales of WC supplies to take off. Not sure what happened there…(of course, what could I know? none of my business really), but that being said, I also think he was being very methodical and intelligent in his approach.

I agree wholeheartedly that Chris and Alex are also incredibly methodical, with a hefty dose of Jersey charisma and wallstreet business acumen built in. Sure seems to be the way it is from where I’m standing, anyway…

As for me, I’m back and feeling rested and strong. Too bad about Don, for sure, and it’s too bad that part of the new social media’s rules is giving equal voice to unequal expertise.

blogs and books are what every marketer puts on the “front end” (cheap or free things they offer to get you in the door) The back-end products and services is where the real money is at.

I have bit on many of these offers and it has lead to some great “back-end” products and services.

If I buy a book from Kevin and I think “wow, this guy knows his stuff and if I were to hire him to redefine my processes, I could be HUGE!” that is powerful.

A lot of us have a hard time implementing ideas and strategies we get online or in a book. It is nice to be able to say- “Kevin, show me how to do that with my business”.

If you could pay someone $500-$1000-$5000 to get your business running like an effecient machine, in turn making $10,000-$20,000 or more per year, would you do it?

No blog or book, no belief.

Not quite over yet.

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AHHH!!! I knew he wouldn’t stop!

Thats HOTT!!!