Don the Window Guy

I’m sure this has been discussed before but I tried to search it and did’nt find anything. What do you guys think of this guy on Youtube? He cleans windows for 4 dollars?

Don has been in the biz for quite a while. He has much to say on his videos. Much of it is really great advice and tips. He does things his way in Florida and it works well for him. When you found out that he charges $4/window, how old was the info? I am sure that he is higher than that in todays economy.

another thing you have to understand as well is that Florida is one of the most competitive places in the nation for window cleaning.
When there’s 25 other people cleaning windows in a 50 mile radius, picking up accounts is hard.
It’s warm almost year around which makes it perfection conditions for copious amounts of competition.
Not to say Florida is the hardest, but one of the hardest. I bet Cali can be hard too.

Don probably doesn’t charge $4 a window anymore. But he probably doesn’t charge $10

You are correct sir.

Don has suggested in an old video for someone new to the biz to start with $4 a window until they get more experience. Again I stress, it’s an old video. I’m sure he charges more now but as you say, it’s probably not $10 either.

Yeah I buddy of mine worked the fall and winter season in Naples Fl a few years ago. Competition is HIGH there.
High competition, crazy humidity and nosee’ms. I don’t know how you guys do it down there. :smiley:
So, I hear Don “Juan” stopped doing videos. I guess he was getting a lot of flack for people. Thats to be expected.
He’s kinda corny and didn’t agree with some of his window cleaning methods but as IDOWINDOWS put it “he does things his way” and that is to be respected.
I have watched many of his videos. I know I walked away learning something from them.

Yup - a lot of his advice I agree with, and I believe is good.

I doubt that he charges anywhere near $10/window, even now, but of course, I don’t know for sure. I just doubt it.

Don has always been a big believer in asking “reasonable” (insert word “low”) prices of his clientele, and quickly perceives as ‘greedy’ or ‘shady’ any notion that you can charge high prices for window cleaning.

He’s still cleaning windows himself, and is a selfless giver.

Yeah, and at his current rate he’ll be cleaning windows himself forever.
Although he mentioned in some past Vids he has hired a couple of people, but he still has his hand in the bucket, and he’s been doing this before they invented the squeegee…his needs some business help.

Are Don the window guy and Joe the plummer related? Just kidding!!!

Very true. Sad, to be sure.

There is a guy kind of like Don around here, too. He’s in his sixties, works like a dog, and still works full-time doing window cleaning for peanuts. He works for himself, too.

Truly a shame.



Now that’s funny right there

Don also has lost a bunch of his clients because he never uses ladders, he always just uses a pole, that = crappy work.

keep on using a pole Ol Don

Watching Don’s videos and reading his forums helped to get me into the biz but I’ve never been able to agree with him on the ‘no ladder’ thing. I’ve only used a long pole maybe 3-4 times on a residential in 1.5 years and that’s because of wickedly uneven (non ladder friendly) ground. But having cleaned the majority of windows ‘nose-to-the-glass’ style, you wonder how you could possibly be getting all the dirt off from the ground using a basic pole and squeegee. Sure, you could put your razor on the end of a 30ft pole and just go through the motions of scraping and hope for the best. But I don’t think I’d build too big of a clientele that way.

I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this dude…
I’m not meaning to make fun of his videos I watched about three of them…quality information for the most part to say the least…this one video cracked me up


In the begining he tells how this is [B]“such a very tiny infintesable size”[/B] of the window cleaning buinsess and then goes on to say that this could make or break your business.


He’s like the Wade Phillips of the window cleaning world…

my point exactly…

Not necessarily - You probably need more practise.
I’d agree for first clean - but after that you should never have to get a ladder out.
Stop all this Don bashing!

im talking about residential windows.

poles suck i dont care what you say…

commercial is a way differnt ball game Karl

Who’s talking commercial only.
As I said…it takes practise.

I used to hate using a pole myself. Then, Mike Draper showed me some tips and tricks…

Now I had rather use a pole any day. In fact, I prefer poling to ladders or wfp work as often as possible.

Now, keep in mind I can also do high rise, lift work…wfp work…etc…

There are of course exceptions…but knowing how and when to use a pole is a skill that will pay off for years.

I enjoy the pole work too. I don’t do too much commercial, I usually wfp it - but every now & then I’ll get the pole out & have a little fun with the wagtail or the 36"er.

36inch!!!Dang karl. yo da man.
I can’t imagine going past 22inch-24inch.