Donating services

One of my clients has asked me to participate in a charity auction by donating my services. I am very interested but I am not sure what I should offer. In my area there are a lot of Victorian-style homes with French pains and storms. There are also many easy homes with double hung windows. I could use some help and figuring out what to offer without giving away a large job. Any suggestions are welcome.

I did it last year. We wrote it up as 20 windows worth $199.00. We figured that if someone with more windows could pick 20 windows and either pay for additional windows or do just the 20. It worked out great. The winning bidder had 22 windows. I did the other 2 windows for free. She has since called me to do them for my full price. She is now my customer.

We give $100 gift certificates for those type of things. No strings attached if the people who end up with them want only $100 worth of windows cleaned then we just clean $100 worth, if they want mire work done then we just take $100 off the invoice.

I’m with Phil on this: Be very clear about what you’re donating and what you are not. Decide whether it’s just outside, in & out… does it include screens… will the tracks get a simple wipe down or a full detail… etc…

This is a good thread on the topic…

Thanks guys. I appreciate all your input now I just have to make it sound really appealing in the auction now.