Don's Latest - Working Less - May 30, 2008

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His point about “car detailing” was pretty good… makes you think

Yes, I thought that was quite interesting as well. Makes you want to look at the marketing that goes behind getting people to spend good money on this sort of thing.

Some possibilities:
• Having a car that consistently looks clean helps the owner in making an impression on others.
• Having a consistently clean car makes the owner feel that their vehicle is still new and/or it’s holding its value.
• Since many spend a lot of time in their cars, a clean car is also a clean environment. Everyone wants to feel good in their environments.
• I’m sure many in the wealthy sect pass on referrals for this type of service. People need to trust the ones that work so closely with their high-end possessions.

I’m sure there’s plenty more. The important thing for us to do is to give it the window cleaning treatment.

Another thing to consider is with Don…he’s more or less being affected by this “Sluggish Economy” as many of us are.Of Course are slower times of the year do have some impact & vary from state to state but…bottom line the economy is not all that great right now.

The extra money alot of the middle class folks had in the past(to spend on items such as window cleaning) is now going into the gas tanks as well as the ever rising price of groceries on the table.

Sad but true;) Window Cleaning is a luxury item!

Has your business slowed down? I haven’t seen anyone else really affected by the slow economy on World or anywhere else.

What I find interesting about the post, is something that Kevin has mentioned all along.

Don being freed from window cleaning allowed him to work on his marketing machine, namely flyers, calling clients that have used him in the past etc.

He was free to harness the full potential of his business, and now he’s making more money too.

I think all of us should work to free ourselves from the window cleaning aspect of the business and work on selling our business instead.

Im seeing less then normal (pertaining to cold calls) i will say im glad i have a healthy client base to keep us going,those that are just starting out will inevitably feel it depending on location & type of clientele they go after.

Yes…i can say i enjoy implementing/living the E-Myth (when possible) working ON your business instead of in it;)

[COLOR=black]That’s the thing we all fear, not being able to work. His point about building his business as opposed to doing the work is right on.[/COLOR]

I couldn’t agree more. Don is sharp creative guy;) One more time it hovers around going after those with “Disposable Income” that’s the message i got!

[COLOR=black]Absolutely, I have been adjusting my target market a lot this year for that reason.

I was going to add some thing

Bugger! don’t you hate it when you get those mental blank things:confused:

Well you all have a great day LOL

I believe here in the states we call that a “Brain Fart”:smiley: When it comes back to you please share it!:wink:

oddly, my busiest source of new customers is the upper-middle class. I have had no mentionable spike from the wealthy. In fact I have a very hard time getting in with them. I get most new “wealthy clients” from referrals of the ones I have now.

I am the busiest I have been in 6 years… and really have not done a lot of advertising (however I will drop 4,000 fliers this month)

This has been an interesting topic! Personally as i stated in an earlier post we’ve seen a slight decrease in cold calls here in my area of course…we have to be the “Foreclosure Capital” as well,there are so many homes people had to walk away from due to either adjustable rate mortgages or silly balloon payments.

Not to mention…scores of homes for sale,people can’t sell them right now its truly a “Buyers Market” another thing i found interesting is Dow Chemical recently went up 20% (for those not in the know) that will affect everything just like gas prices.

I’ve been through 3 of these"Recessions" so far back in the late 70’s when Carter was in as well as Bush senior(early 90’s) and now. This is the worst I’ve seen it for this length of time. I also know alot or Realtors they seem to think another year before it turns around…who knows??