Don't know how to classify this awning/clean/price it. Help would be appreciated!

Hey y’all. Trying to quote this job properly. There are about 500-550 panes on this building and you can kind of get the gist of what they look like from these pictures. Property manager wants quotes for outside and inside. I don’t have a lot of commercial clients so I usually just eyeball the job and price it that way, but I’d like to move away from that method. The awnings outside the entrances are slatted and don’t look like it would be safe to support anyone. How would you price this building and how would you clean the upper level windows?
EDIT: Oh also, I’m not using WFP.

I have no wfp either and I’d go and find lower hanging fruit because that first overhang is the kill for me. Almost need a manlift to do those traditionally. That would put the wfp owners at a big advantage price/time wise. Just my .02.

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Looks like the only problem child is that slatted overhang. I’d put a ladder up to it (a little higher) and pole it. The others are pretty straight forward.
As for price…by the pane and extra for the high ones

So last night I sent out the quote. I priced it really high because I want the option to man lift and built that into the quote. Other than the top level windows, should be a simple gig. Don’t expect to win it, but it would be a nice bump if I did. Thanks guys.

You may not want to answer this over the internet, (I don’t want an address) Was just wondering if that’s an “Extra space” self storage building.