Don't Lose Your Files!

Do you know the difference between online backup, online archiving and online file storage? I think I do, but I’m try to figure out which one I should do and who I should use. I take a lot of videos, pics, and have templates and docs to back up. But I know that some places that “backup” your stuff only do so as long as the files are on your computer. If you delete them, they will be deleted off of your backup service after 30 days. I want to delete them on my computer to clear up space. I want to throw them in the clouds by putting them online AND I want to use an external hard drive. I don’t trust the use of JUST an external hard-drive (I’d have to get a safety deposit box or something!). What if I lose it!? I want backups on my backups!

Any suggestions would be appreciated: suggested services, suggested sites, hard drive tips, or definition expounding. Thank you in advance.

You can purchase hour like 5 bucks a year 20 GB from google.they have more options as well. I also use carbonite which is 50 per year, its unlimited and automatically backs up everything all the time

Thank you…

Carbonite is just a mirror of what’s currently on your computer…Nothing else. Plus is doesn’t automatically back everything up. Some things are manual like videos, which is okay…

I need to look into this as well. i have been just storing all my info on my computer as well. they have like 2 terabyte external hard drives for like 80$ bucks now. it would be nice if they had like a fire safe lock box for them.
ps like your website and videos. looks like you got a solid company. I still got a lot of work to do on mine.

I use a flash drive to backup just my important docs and files…the software I have the original disks for. As a extra precaution, I upload my docs and files to my website hosting account where I have unlimited disk space for no extra cost. (the folder I use is hidden from public viewing)

Thanks! I still am trying to improve the site continually.

Yeah, I hear ya. I’m fortunate all my files still exist! I did the free trial of Crbnte this morning. I figure even when I get other options, I will use this for automatic backup. I think it’s gonna take days to finish the backup.

Plus I just realized that the service includes a free ap access on my phone to any file! That’s pretty sweet.

Of course I’ve read on a forum or two some bad things about the service, like it not doing it’s job or it taking more money out of someone’s account, but it’s seems to be the biggest backup service so it’s bound to have anomalies. It doesn’t seem to be common.

But nothing is 100% guaranteed. So I’m gonna do three things probably:

  1. Backup service (It’s instant incase I forget)
  2. Cloud storage that isn’t a backup service (Who wants all their files to have to be on their computer forever? Impossible.) I’m still looking for a service for this.
  3. Something physical (cuz it’s physical!). I still haven’t decided on external hard drive, a flash drive, or a disk. I’ve read that disks are the safest because the drives lose data for any number of reasons. Still gotta shop around and also figure out how much space I need.

rotating physical backups, storing 1 offsite, you’ll never lose more than the time between rotations - usually a week
that’s if carbonite fails too

there’s so many scenarios to lost data (fire, theft, technical) that there has to be multiple types of backup and multiple backup copies, just not many other ways about it

there are some good sync programs out there too

and why can’t everything be on your computer? it’s just another sata drive plugged in, a couple 2tb’s and that’s a ton of data

you could also go home server route too

I forgot to say that using ur website hosting account is likely against the terms of use. I only mention this because I’ve read where people have opened their account and seen that their data was erased.

On the recommendation of our IT Company, we use Mozy Pro that they sell. Our IT Company also monitors our computers back up. For instance, last night my computer was updated and the back up did not go thru. I received a call from my IT Company telling me it did not back up and wanted to know what happened. They get a report from Mozy every morning and they follow thru. We also back up Quickbooks and Service CEO every day on a thumb drive and take it home, just in case. My home computer and my laptop are identical to my office computer. I used to work for an insurance company and I make sure that I have a couple of copies of everything. You never know what will happen.

I don’t like cloud computing because you don’t know what will happen. I read this morning that the goverment shut down a company and many of their customers are upset because they can’t get information from the cloud. The consumer reporter on the radio discuss this and said that you should use two companies to store your information. I want to keep my information handy.

Won’t storing everything slow down your computer?

Home server? Ive gotta do research on that. Thanks.

Good points all around.


How do I go about monitoring the backup?

Also, thumb drives are just flash drives with a lock?

nah, it’s not in memory, just on hard drive for ready access when/if needed

I would recommend a RAID setup too, 2 hdrives 1 a mirror image, doing everything the primary is,
an awesome answer to hdrive failure (which is guaranteed to happen at some point)

I’m gonna look that RAID thing up. Thanks!

Thanks, I will have to check it, I have not had any problems in the past 18 months, but I don’t want to rely on it if that can happen.

StoreGrid’s online backup service called StoreGrid cloud will fulfill your requirements. If the files/folders are deleted in the machine then same will be marked as deleted in the cloud storage and it will not be deleted after 30 days or so. But you can set retention time period for the deleted files while configuring backup job. Once the retention condition get success then those deleted files will be deleted from the cloud storage.To know more details about StoreGrid cloud please website


ghosting on another hard is the safe way.
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