Door to door comfort level


I’ve been doing door to door this week. Knocking, and if their home, introducing myself and what I am doing there. I’m new to this and am getting over the shock that at least 1/10 people WANT a quote or to chat and talk, but I am already accepting rejection and on my way mentally to the next door.

Thinking back they said things that were subtly asking to be told more etc. Is it just a matter of getting comfortable and being able to read people? The improvements over the first door to about 200 now is huge, but I’ve only closed 3 sales and can see that the potential is there to do way better.

Are there questions to ask that break the ice and get a conversation going? I’m freezing up a bit still and give them my card and walk away, probably from carrying the door getting slammed in my face at the last house. Is there a process you guys use to turn interest into clients?


ps. I got chased by two dogs today, and one guy would not even acknowledge my existence :smiley:

I don’t know how many if any guys would be going door to door in the residential market, i have done and do at slow periods go door to door shop fronts with belt on ready to do it right then u might get 1/10 and usually a regular customer (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).
I don’t think the type of people that get a window cleaner in there home would be comfortable with a door to door sales approach.

On the second part, asking questions is not the way to approach someone if you are trying to sell something, as soon as you ask a question you are letting them shut you down and tell you NO. It has to be fast, this is why it works with shop fronts you can see what needs to be done before you talk to them so you know how much to charge. I have cards, on the back side of the card is a quote for weekly, fortnightly and monthly prices.
I fill them in before i approach the potential customer, introduce myself tell them a little about myself and give them the card. Now they have a quote to think about how frequently they need their windows cleaned… well that’s the hope

Good work on getting out there in front of the customers :).

Questions are very powerful in selling. You just need to put yourself in their shoes and ask the kinds of questions that get them interested and excited. Search youtube for ‘questions in selling’. You’ll get a plethora of advice on how to formulate those questions.

Focus on asking questions that will elicit a “yes” response. Research has proven that the more times a potential customer engages in a positive way answering “yes” to your questions, the more likely they are to buy.

You will gradually develop a sense to be able to read the home owner. You can gather a lot of clues as to what they may be like before you even get to the door. The way their yard is kept, the decorations they have, even the bumper stickers on their car can all tell you things about them. You may also become more choosy in which houses you even bother going to. For instance, if a yard isn’t well manicured, I don’t bother going to that house.

Sincere flattery can help get your foot in the door as well. Find something truly notable about the home that you like, and compliment them on it. Just don’t lay it on too thick ;).

Happy hunting!