Door-to-Door Contract Workers

Do you guys think its reasonable for me when hiring a new contract worker to replace somone else who didn’t work out to demand that part of the hiring is that they go door to door offering our window cleaning services when they either do not have a job for that day or having completed a small job then spend a few hours knocking on doors.

I might point out that I pay $15 an hour when we are working plus for every job bought in they earn 20% on top of their hourly for being the to bring in that job. The reason I ask is because a lot of the time they act like I’m the one who should be bringing in ALL THE WORK and complain when I tell them there I don’t have a job for them that day.

If i am to grow even further its now impossible for me to constantly do it all myself, even with flyers and sending out postcards etc I think its fair that I require this of them given that I am paying a pretty good hourly rate and an additional 20% of the job to them and equally they helping to grow the business and secure more work for both me and them.

What are your thoughts and do you guys do the same.

  1. Are u still paying them $15 per hour 2 door knock?

  2. Ultimately seems like a reasonable deal(expectations, incentives, hourly pay)

  3. If I remember correctly from an earlier thread u started, and quote, “I am having a swimming pool put in this summer (no recession here)”. If that’s true, why would you have to tell them you don’t have work for them that day? :confused: Imajk :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t force your cleaners to do any type of sales work. If they want to do it, then great, but not everyone is interested in sales, nor are they cut out for it.

I agree BB,
and if they are feeling forced to do it and aren’t happy about that, it could have a negative impact on the wc they are soliciting

I guess I need to know - are they subcontractors or employees? This is critical because if they are subs they would have to be paid differently. If I’m getting paid hourly and you are telling me how to do my job then I’m an employee not a sub.

These are sub contract workers but I pay them $15 an hour to work the job, cleaning windows but don’t think its unreasonable to expect them to go door to door if im offering to pay them 20% of the job on TOP of also working the job too, especially if we have a small job or a day without a job and they complain of not having money then I think its only fair i have workers willing to help the business grow and equally increase their pay making extra money too.

I would rather have guys helping me grow the business and equally making extra money than just turning up to do the job and then complain if every single day isnt filled for them.

FYI simming pool is coming from many years of growing the business not simply from Jan 09 til April 09 incomes (i wish) plus I also own 2 other businesses a publishing company and a gutter installation business so I do fairly ok, just looking for the best guys for the window cleaning positions I offer and likewise guys willing to bring in jobs too and make money.

I’m not familiar w/ Kansas law but here if someone is paid hourly they are an employee. I’d check this out before going any further as it could get you in hot water w/ the labor board.

All my guys are employees not subs. And I pay them ten cents a flier on media days. No problems here.

Just putting flyers on doors then I don’t see a problem really, as a sub-contractor it would be their decision. Knocking on doors is a different thing all together. Hire a sales person to do face-to-face sales.

If they are sub-contractors is it in the contract that they do door-to-door sales if they don’t have any work that day?

If you ask me they sound more like employees, not sub-contractors. Do you allow your people to work for other companies while they are not working for you? If not, then they are not sub-contractors. A true sub-contractor has their own business license, insurance and such, pay their own taxes, can hire their own employees to handle any of their work and can do business with any one they choose, when ever they want.

Be very careful, the IRS will catch up with this eventually and you will pay heavy fines and penalties on top of interest.

Appreciate the advice guys (and girls?) the $15 an hour is when we are working jobs and isn’t a set amount per week, just when we are working different jobs. One job might be 8 hours, another day 5 and so forth.

I have insurance which covers them but basically up to them to pay their own taxes for which we supply the 1099 and I guess they have the right to refuse to knock on doors but obviously rather pay those window cleaners who do and are helping.

Thanks again for the input appreciated.