Double double bend

I wanted to share how I get this job done using two double bend goosenecks to reach the bottom of the windows over a deep ledge. One of the most important things here is to turn the brush upside down. This allows the brush to sit flush on the bottom of the glass. We have been doing this building twice a year for a few years now. There are 5 of these deep ledge windows (some on the side of a steep incline) and this has worked well every time. Just thought I would post incase it would help someone out.

Nice double double bend, Wayne! I’m always trying to see how I can reach further over deep ledges.

I have an 6 foot adjustable goose-neck… give us a shout if you need to borrow it.

??? Home-made?

Yep, of course - they don’t make 'em… well, not that I know of. I use it for wfping between the glass balconies & windows.

I used a double bend today for some windows with deep sills, works great for those hard to reach places.

Seriously, I don’t have a hand conduit bender anymore but I’ll bet any muffler shop with a tubing bending machine could make one for me. I’ve done it for custom railings.
Let’s see what it looks like?

I agree. Lets see some pictures!

I’ll take some photos when I can get to the workshop. It’s 4,000+ miles away at the moment.

As promised… it’s a extending twisting lock broom handle. I think it’s more like 8’ over-reach.

Let’s c 'em …

Hey Karl, I just picked up that unger angle adapter yesterday, does yours have a lot of slop in it? Where is click into the pole itself? Mine wiggles like a SOB… Lol

Just take the handle end off/make sure the extending broom handle is the same width & drill the holes the Unger adaptor clicks into. Remove the Unger clasp & replace with a bicycle quick release as shown to stop the flopping about.

It’s not the crank/teeth itself, it’s where the adapter clicks into the pole itself…

I know, I know, Don’t interrupt while I’m butting in. However, ditto everything Karl had to say and consider that every slip connection has slop in it. I drill, tap and screw every connection to take out the slop, the one problem with the adjustable adapters as apposed to say a curved end.

Take the pin out, wrap 3 times with electrical tape - punch the holes out & reconnect. There is also more play in the joint no matter how hard you tighten - just switch it out with the bicycle clamp.

Yeah, just wasn’t sure if this was how it is. Before I went and rigged it up myself. Ironically it fits my ettore poles perfectly without the slop, go figure.

To give Unger credit - this is one heavy duty angle adapter - when they stop making them - people will want them.

Garelick would be worst.

[SIZE=3]This what we use for deep ledges.

Can make it longer if needed.


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