Double Rubber

I received a catalog from Harry Falk company yesterday and they offer a new rubber blade called “Double Rubber”. It’s a blade that has 4 usable sides. If it works well it’s got to be a money saver because you get twice the use out of a single blade. It can only be used in channels.

Anybody used any of this yet?

I may give it a try in my 18 inch channel.

Heck, if it is good rubber and lasts I may even go back to using channels in smaller sizes just to save money on rubber blades.

I haven’t seen the catalogue yet; what is the cost in relationship to “standard” rubber of equal length?

I’m going to check this stuff out. If it works it could be my new workhorse rubber. Right now I use the T-rubber and in the summer the LFI rubber Craig turned me onto.

This “new rubber” must be different in that it has [U]no spline[/U] in order for it to be usable on either end & the clip(s) obviously hold the rubber in place would be my guess?

If that is the case i hope the quality is good as im still fond of& LFI for channels.

Where can I find the LFI rubber? Link anyone?

No link. Basically there a rubber manufacturer of various different products.Also there a local outfit in Long Beach.

Best i could do is send you some to try? I highly doubt calling them will be logical from where you are plus…not even sure if they’ll ship it?

Ahh…shipping, that all bug bear.
Thanks for the offer Craig, but if it really is that good & I like it, it could become a problem later down the line. I think ignorance could be bliss on this ocassion.

It’s $28.00 for one dozen 18" blades.
$35.00 for one dozen 22" blades
$39.00 for one dozen 24" baldes

They don’t list any other sizes.

The spline or bead is in the center of the rubber as oppsoed to being on the edge of the rubber allowing 4 sides or edges to be used. It only works with channels.

It makes good sense to use all 4 edges instead of just two. I can’t find it online…only in the Harry Falk catalog.

I received the catalog just yesterday so…i got a look at it,and yes…the middle of the rubber has a spline similiar to rubber intended for so…im curious to hear about it from those who pull the trigger & buy some?

Is LFI rubber superior in some way? i.e. longer lasting?

Much longer lasting at least the batch i got recently! Although some didn’t care for it said it was too thick others said it chattered a bit or rolled on close outs.

Now a majority i sent them to really liked them alot so…as usual mixed reviews!

Thanks for the update Craig, I sent them an email.