Doughnut-Ham Hamburger

im so hungry

That’s just not right…

Yeah… But I’d try one if it were in front of my face. I don’t think I’d seek one out though.

Judging from your avatar, that goes without saying.

I love doughnuts and I love bacon cheeseburgers but together? I’m pretty sure it breaks some rule I don’t know which one but there must be one.:eek:

BURN! I had that coming!:smiley:

Good one, Lar!

What were they serving for Del’s show?

Vodka Tonics and Combos for me. Water for my Wife.

Was it her turn to be the designated driver?:wink:

Actually I drove home.:eek:

Relax…I only had one drink. I ain’t stupid. There was no intermission, so I only had time before the show to drink and gobble up the Combos.

I think you guys know too much. How bored are you?

Who told you I was bored? Oh I mean what are you talking about you’re very interesting Seth.:wink: