Downstreaming Video - Part 2

In this video I use a high/low nozzle. You pull the nozzle out for low pressure (draws cleaner thru the injector) and push the nozzle in for high pressure (doesn’t draw cleaner, so you can rinse).

The nozzle can also be rotated, so you get a 0 degree spray for your high peaks and then fanned down so you get a much softer spray for up close. It’s important to add that you need to use the fan spray when you’re rinsing areas close to you in order for it to be a soft wash. You could do some damage if you had it set at 0 degrees and cleaning eye level siding from 10 feet away. This is the same with an M5 xjet.

In fact the high/low nozzle is a lot like the m5, only you don’t have to lug your cleaner around with you wherever you go.

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Pretty cool Micah, thanks again for the video.
Is the same (saving the differences) as using a dual, adjustable pressure wand right ?

I have like 4 or 5 of those I bought online like 4 years ago, but i’d like to try than adjustable nozzle, once I get a decent pressure washer obviously :smiley:

A variable pressure wand will let you go from high to low pressure pretty easily, but you would have to switch nozzles on both your high and low quick connects to get different heights. Plus they are a bit heavier, and it’s not as easy to switch tips since they are a few feet long.

For flatwork a variable pressure wand is great because you don’t need to change nozzles. Put a soap nozzle on the low pressure side, and then a high pressure fan spray on the high pressure to cut in your sides or pillars and to remove gum. Soap everything down and switch to your surface cleaner.

Where did you purchase the high/low nozzle?

Hi-lo variable fan nozzle capable of dispensing soap at low pressure, and water at high pressure Fan pattern can be adjusted from zero degrees to 80 degrees by twisting the casing Designed for industrial usage Eliminates the need for a dual lance or

Micah awesome vid again thank you. What size of high low nozzle is that? Is it a 4.0?

That’s a very cool tool indeed! Let us know how it works for you as you use it in various situations. If it’s as good as the X-jet m5 and you don’t have to carry the soap bucket it just may be THE nozzle to have.

I’ve got 4 different nozzles for downstreaming on order from Bob @ Pressure Tek but I’d like to give that Hi-Low nozzle a spin and see how I like it.

As soon as my stuff arrives from Pressure Tek I’ll officially be downstreaming. I haven’t made a final decision but I’ll probably keep using the X-Jet M5 for rinsing only.

Thanks for making the Hi Low nozzle video!

Thanks Micah for the informative videos. Good tips and information.

Have a great day!


Micah, help me out on this one. I just ordered some nozzles. I think they sent me the wrong ones. Is a 0004 the same as a 0040? I have a feeling its different.

Yeah that’s probably different, where did you order it from?

The first two numbers are your spray pattern in degrees, and the last two numbers designate your gallons per minute.

thats what i figured. I ordered em from a supplier out here because i needed em quick and couldnt wait a week. The website said 0 degree 1/4" meg nozzles 4.0 and the guy i talked to said they were a 0 degree 40 orafice but theres no way that they are. The orafice is way too small. Maybe i can drill em you think? what size drill bit would i need?

just order them online Big B.

Remember, I can take your customers if you cant fit there needs.

Ha!! comon man youve got enough chedder. Like i said, i just want a piece of the crumbs that come off of your piece of the pie.

If you need something quickly, you can make a nozzle. Like the nozzle that was shown in the first video, that’s just a 1/4 quick connect plug with a hose barb screwed in it. Make sure to use some teflon tape.

However, if you call Bob at he’ll know exactly what you need, and they usually ship same day. The only online supplier I’ve found quicker then that is WCR!

I’m telling you , Go door to door, then you will be making some serious cash…

Stick with it, of course you are going to hear alot of No’s, but once you hear the yessss, you will be sooooooo happy.

Micah, nice video.

Do you use imovie for your editing?


Nope, I use Microsoft Movie Maker. It’s decent, however I don’t have anything to compare it too. I’ve never done any video editing before these recent videos.

Great video’s

Wayne would you teach a awning cleaning Class at the show in Phx 2012?

We will be in Texas nov, shedule is locked up.

When I got home from work today my 4 downsteaming nozzles and the J Rod 4 way nozzle holder had arrived from Pressure Tek. I set up my PW’ing gear and gave the 4 downstreaming nozzles a spin. I was very impressed with these nozzles.

I compared them with my X-Jet M5. I kept A-B’ing them back and forth and I feel sure that the X-Jet is gonna be retired completely. With the downstreaming nozzles the actual stream is much softer and more efficient than with the X-Jet M5.

The X-Jet is a no brainer and simple to use but to heck with carrying the soap bucket. After testing these 4 nozzles out I feel sure that downstreaming is THE way to go.

I’ll be downstreaming my house and a friend’s house tomorrow just to get used to it before I downstream any customer’s houses. I can’t wait!

Thanks to Bob at Pressure Tek for helping me select the right nozzles for my machine! Bob’s the man!!!

Does anyone go to ? They also have a bbs