Droid Pad

Hello Everyone!

I just bought a Driod Pad and looking to stream line my estimates and work orders and going paperless at same time. Looking for PDF type form that my customer and sign when accepting job or after completion. Any ideas?

Spring is almost here and the phones are starting to ring!

I use Invoice2go along with Sign2go on my Iphone (they have it in the Droid Market Place also). You can create an invoice, have the manager sign it then email it both to the manager and their home office. It has been a very efficient way for me to get paid in under 30 day and not having to go home and enter invoice’s into the computer and then fax or email them. You can also do estimate’s, PO’s and Credit Memo’s.


You can do your bids right from your website with responsabid. Now it is stored electronically. Customers and office staff can also do bids or get bids.

Contractor pro will let you set up any form and do the fill in for name date time and capture the sig. Mobile biz will invoice bid capature sig and upload to quick books via a cvs file.

Thanks! I will have to check them out!

Invoice2Go is awesome, also get the Square app and dongle for credit card processing

I bought a Nook Tablet, but I don’t trust it with business. Its cool for reading and surfing the web, but nothing syncs with a central base, and I don’t trust that. All it takes is one drop and everything is gone.

However, I have a GalaxyII phone, and i love it for business. Paperless is the way to go no question!