Drone for High Rise Company Video

Has anyone experimented with using a drone/flyer to carry a video camera for making a video to use for company advertising?

I think it would be way cool. Just wondering.


I purchased the DJI Phantom 2 with attached gopro camera a year ago. invested a total of about $1500 for the whole setup.

used it 3 times on high-end resi homes. the idea was to offer the home owner a different view of their “CLEAN” home. I thought I could use it as a perk and to seperate myself from other companys. it was overkill and took too much time for me to go home upload the video to youtube and then send the link to the customer who probably didnt care that a menial service provider like a window cleaner made such a video.

I can see you getting the aerial view of high rise work and putting it into a television commercial to market your company, but then again property managers that seek bids on high rise window cleaning could care less about a fancy commercial and more about everything else about your company.

I sold my drone last week because it was collecting dust

Do you have a YouTube link for any of the videos you made?

There are some fairly strict FAA rules on drones now, and they can be very dangerous in the wrong hands (3kg of hard plastic falling from the sky could kill someone),… but they are cool.

My advice is use a professional company to shoot your video - buy yourself a cheapo drone to play with and if you find you have an aptitude for it then maybe upgrade in the future - but do it as a hobby, not for work.

For advertising purposes? No.

But I would like to buy one and weaponize it. Why? Just because it’s been a dream of mine since I was like 12. Plus, it’s all 'Murica.