Dry brush screens from ladder

Thanks man ! I’m going to have to give this stuff a go,

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I just started dry brushing screens, and wow, it saves a good bit of time compared with my previous method of using my mop to clean them. It also doesn’t leave wipe marks on the screen. I still take a wet rag and wipe the screen frame before re-installing it. Where do most of you put your screen brush on your belt? It’s kind of big and clumsy. I’ve thought about using a key chain spool.

I’ve cleaned my screens from the ladder like this for the past 4 years. Never damaged a screen and I’ve held up to 3 screens on the ladder at a time which is super convenient. You save a boat load of time just going inside to unhook one side of the screen, then to go inside, unhook all the screens, bring them inside, downstairs, outside, clean, the put them all back. I also keep a home made screen lanyard on my belt made from a shoe lace and binder clip that works really well when I’m on sectionals and can’t hold a screen on the rungs. But to each their own. If you’ve got time to make less money by bringing all the screens in, that’s your billfold. If you’ve damaged a screen this way, you probably didn’t stick the corner as far into the rungs as you could thus putting too much tension on a smaller portion the frame. That’s my best guess. And if you forgot you put the screen behind you, maybe you just shouldn’t be cleaning windows like the guy in the video :slight_smile:

I always work with someone so I’m really not going to save time by playing screen boy on top of a ladder most screens don’t pop out from the outside anyway.
Just charge more money an do them from the ground

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You may not think that sticking other peoples screens in the rung is a problem but i can guarantee you that the homeowners that care very much for their own property would cringe at that sight.

Im one of the more expensive window cleaners in my area and Its because I take safety and professionalism very seriously, I dont operate with the mentality of cutting corners or saving time to justify a cheaper price.

My concern about the video was that he is doing a video tutorial for expertvillage which is a series of DIY videos for homeowners that want to know how to do things the way professionals do it. I think the person in the video should have made the effort to display the most basic routine in cleaning the window especially if beginners are going to try and mimic it and that means bringing the screens to the ground and clean them. Leave the advanced shortcuts and tricks out of it.

Magestic said it well. Charge a little more to bring the screens down, but then again not everyone is good at sales and creating their own prices.

By the way, I read this this morning, and it made my day!
I smiled for [B]at least[/B] an hour, thinking about the phrase…

Can’t take credit for that phrase.
This guy Tony who works with me occasionally, dubbed this adorable little boy "screen boy ". He kept wanting to help him pull the scrreens out so when I walked into the house he says “hey mike we have screen boy helping us out today” The boy was loving every minute of it he was like “hey mommy I’m screen boy” I was thinking of gettig him a shirt that says screen boy this year . Little bugger definetly slowed us up that day, but it was all good it was funny .
Btw if it weren’t for the little boy screens out in ten minutes .

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I appreciate all the tips and advices on dry brushing screens. I had a difficult time doing this before. It took me quite a lot of time with the way I was doing.