Dumb questions

Is there any harm in storing a brass squegee blade handle rubber and all submerged in bucket of soapy water. till the next day of work or over the weekend. Perhaps the rubber will breakdown faster ???

Going thru some old stuff that I acquired are all brass clips the same ? will using the unger or pulex in the ettore channel create flaws in the workmanship and if so how do you tell the differnce tween the different clips?

Loved the modifications I learned on this forum on the zero clearance by unger
But why is it adored so much is is that much different than the wagtail with a 12" wagtail I can get to a lot of stuff. ??

Anybody use Service ceo and have trouble with the interface w qk books? thx GP

I’ve left my tools in the bucket over a couple of days without issues.

Absolutley nothing wrong with the wagtail. I use them both but in slightly different situations. ie:wagtail 16" for higher windows, Unger 0° for glass just above head level down to the ground.