Dumbest Employee Moments

I’ve got a friend who had a lawn care company with 30 employees. One of his employees did the same exact thing as your guy @Kyle except it was 1 way glass (so you could see out but not in) on a commercial property.


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flooding toliets
poking 50 holes in a gutter
playing guitar loudly in a garage while a board meeting took place
eating a clients cake

I am no longer surprised


That’s a great one :joy::joy::joy:

What a stupid thing to do!!

I start at the back of the house (no windows on one side), other guy starts the other side and forgets to clean the entire front of the house.

Small details.

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One of our guys also flooded a toilet. It started with him switching off a urinal valve to clean it. He didn’t switch it back on and the overhead tank flooded which made the toilet ceiling fall apart.

You know the scene in the Titanic when the lower decks were being flooded? Looked like that after lunch.

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Is that a ammonia bleach reaction?

Our genius used the decorative towels to attempt to clean up crappy water. When he realized his situation required more towels he embarrasingly passed the homeowner who was 10 feet from the entire scene without saying a word. He was going to truck to get more towels.

Homeowner found it and quickly assumed our guy was just leaving the matter and not gonna say a word.

The joys

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That stupidity I’ve done myself. I was on a house with an awkward window and my pole knocked off two, three chunks of gutter. I shouldn’t have taken the short cut of resting the wfp on the gutter but never imagined the plastic would be so fragile. Watch out for old plastic and rotten wood gutter/fascia/soffits.

It is best to communicate right away if you’ve screwed up, tell the owner you’ll have a replacement or fix the problem. I start by using the expression full disclosure followed by description - it is important to impart you’re on their side. That is most of the problem solved or people will typically assume the worst. It’s just human nature to assume the worst motive unless there exists other information. Couple days of rumination later a vast conspiracy has been concocted.

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