Dusting a factory

There is a factory that called me to come and clean the windows in offices. All real easy, about 100 windows and my unger indoor system with some invisible glass is going to make me breeze through that. The only thing is that is about 5% of the job they wanted me to quote. They then took me out to the factory floor to look at the overhead factory lights. They have about 40 rows of lights 200ft in length hanging from thousands of chains that go up about 25 feet to the steel rafters. They also have steel air lines throughout the building in between each row of lights. Also they have electrical busses (thats what I call them but they are like square steel tubing that you can hook things into that need electric) that imply a level of danger I suppose. Anyways they want all of this dusted. each chain, light, air pipe, and electrical bus. They have a scissor lift but my friend has a long aluminum pole modified to extend the height of the building to do the chains with the air. Its a sewing factory so their is not grease so it should blow right off and they are going to clear all of the equipment on the floor out of the way. They also want me to brush off all the exposed interior plastic that looks like it is the back side of the insulation. I also have my window cleaning poles and a brush that i brush window frames with.

MY QUESTIONS: what do you think will work better? Air or Brush. Do you have any other suggestions? Also how in the world would a person go about quoting the job not having any clue as to how long it will take and how hard it will be? Would you ever put a stipulation in a bid that would allow for you to requote if the bid is extremely off? Im guessing that would be bad business but maybe there is a professional way of handling that.

If this is not the place for these kind of cleaning questions what is another good forum as good as this one for help quoting or at least some good advice for these forms of cleaning?

Here are a few pictures of what Im dealing with but for some reason I did not take one of the entire work area.



We used to do many high dusting jobs using scissor lifts and poles with a few dusters taped on to them its good to use an angle adapter to get a good angle, it doesn’t look like they will be able to move everything so you will need drop sheets imo,
It may be best to vacuum larger flat surfaces as high dusting is normally a once in every few years job some times up to 10+ years of crap maybe up there, if you have a free lift to use take advantage of it and save your self some time.
I hope the windows you are cleaning are not in this same space, if they are I would not suggest an indoor kit as they will be quite dusty after you have finished with the dusting.
As for price it looks like a quite a few hours do all your pole work and air if your gonna use it on the chains then I would be vacuuming all large ventilation thingos, idk maybe 20-30 hours 2 ppl would be best for maneuvering drops sheets.

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