I am currently going strong in marketing my commercial window cleaning and I read on a few threads that using e-mails is another avenue for “follow-ups”. This is very new to me so I would like info on the correct way to approach this. What should I say in the e-mail? Of course this is to places I have already visited maybe more than once in person and i’m looking for another way to reach them other than thru phone calls or face to face. Thanks in advance and much success to you all in '09!

Send a nice personalized flyer that is trackable Ie. promo code etc. with a “special” offer that has a near expiration date. Personalized in 2 ways, toward the cust., and put your mug on it too.

For comm. you could offer a real cheap first cleaning with as long as the cust. agrees to some sort cleaning schedule (you make this up) or even a choice of different frequency of cleanings. One free or super cheap cleaning year if on a monthly contract This could persuede them to use try your co. This wont cost much but time and could land some serious cash in the bank for you.

Do you have the capability to make a really nice flyer? If so put it together and post it on this thread and let everybody here critique it, if not , there are many free sites that can make good ones such as star office(what i used to use) or you can buy software,I picked up print shop23 for like $25 at staples and it does the job.

If this doesn’t work the first time keep at it on a monthly basis ( as long as you dont think they reported you as spam and they will not if the flyer is nice and personal) with new offers. Even after they are your custys you could offer dicounts on add ons if you offer any.



Thanks a lot Steve! Great post! I at this time have not got together my flyer yet for I am in the process of working on 1 for the upcoming season. I only do residential from late March to October. As far as commercial that is a GREAT idea to offer a discounted rate monthly to a peerspective customer for a year as a persuasion to get them to use our servive. Would you even recommend using faxes to fax them info on discounts and a way to keep my name on their mind? all advice is welcome!

I dont think I would fax unless you had permission, it doesnt cost any toner for them to look at email though.