Eagle Axiom Casement Window advise

I’m doing this house in a couple of weeks. It has (Anderson) Eagle Axiom Casement windows and he stated that they have a rain x like coating on them on the outside. Any advice or warnings on cleaning these with this coating? WFP ok to use on them with the coating? Any advice on the quickest way for removing the manufacturers stickers other than razor blade?

Do they have the protective film on them? Wfp should be fine as long as you can get a good rinse, sounds like they have a hydrophobic coating

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He told me that they still have the protective film used for shipping on them. My main concern is getting the manufacturers stickers off on the inside without scratching them and not messing up the spray coating they put on the outside that is supposed to make the rain run off. He said it was similar to rain X but did know the product name and I’m not familiar with such a product.

Nice size house. My dad has been doing construction clean-up on windows his whole life I’ll ask tomorrow if he has ran into anything like those and let you know any info he has on them.

The stickers should be on the protective film, check em. Peel and clean


Also see if you can test removing one to make sure it comes off cleanly and leaves no residue behind. I had one job where the sun had baked that stuff onto the glass… Nightmare

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I’m doing this job sight unseen, only pictures so I’m trying to get a head start on any potential problems. Diamondridge, my last house was the same way and added about 2 hours to my time. What did you use to get off excess residue?

Kyle it is 13,000 sq ft overlooking Table Rock. This house could be a blessing or a royal pain. Hoping for the latter.

Oil flow

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Here are the care instructions from Eagle. Of coarse no razor blades.

Caring-for-Eagle-Windows—Doors.pdf (103 KB)Caring-for-Eagle-Windows—Doors.pdf (103 KB)