Earthquake in Toronto 3 minutes ago!

First one in my 36 years alive in Canada.

Twitter is going berserk with tweets.

Anyone else feel it?


I just found a tweet from a guy that said “Sorry, everyone, that was just me being awesome”

Another guy said “That was from thousands of people jumping on the England bandwagon!”

Looks like it was a 5.5…was it a roller, side to side or up and down? Welcome to California, and the signs of the times my friend.

Man, Tory.

I (and this is gonna sound fake and lame) instantly thought of you, to be honest, and your recent thread.

Um, I dunno. It was my first one. Kind of felt like a side-to-side I guess.

Weird. I’m sitting outside on my deck, though, so I felt totally safe, although I was worried a bit about my wife dozing inside…

It happened so fast I wasn’t even sure what was happening for the first few seconds.

Quakes will do that to you. You start to feel the ground shaking, then you contemplate what is really happening, then if it is still going on you recognize that you are feeling an earthquake, then the next move is “OH BOY! where is the safest place to be right now?!” as your watching all the pictures on the wall start to fall. Scary feeling but I am glad you are safe!

Well it looks like every body is O.K.

Thanks Cole.

The ones that are really bad are those and the up and down ones…sometimes they will last almost 5 or 10 seconds! Sometimes it seems like an eternity tho.

FEMA: Are You Ready? heres some advice from FEMA

It was a solid 10 seconds for sure. Maybe longer.

There are many people here in mid michigan that felt it.

Did you? I saw some tweets from Detroit…

I felt one deep in ACWC turf in Feb 2009, thought I dropped my transmission on Route 80 lol. Read in the paper 2 days later that I was basically in Randolph when a 2.5 hit, epicentered in Randolph

My wife said she did, I was out on the road.

I was in Vaughan (the city above Toronto) and didn’t feel a thing. Strange.

In other news, my aunt just called from Midland, On (1.5 hours north of Toronto) and they just had a Tornado!
Possible Tornado Hits Midland - CityNews