East Coast- West Coast Price difference?

Just curious here. It seems from what Ive read here at WCR that East Coast window cleaners are charging a lot more than us West Coasters. Am I just imagining this or is it true?

Also we’ve done a few East Coast Transplants windows and they all said we should charge more and then gave us a tip.
Round here it seems the legit window cleaners are charging $7.00-$10.00 for a two paned window w/ screen.

Most around here (Raleigh, NC) charge about $7.00-$8.00 for a two-pane window without a screen. Of course, one guy charges like $4.00 and makes everybody want to know why we are ripping them off. Ha.

We charge $11-12 for this type of window. More if it has a storm window.

im talking in/out ,screen washed and tracks cleaned out too.

We get $11 for a double hung (Screen Magic used on the screen, tracks brushed, and sill wet wiped)

I charge $10-$15 for double-hungs and I think I’m above the average here.

Basically the same as Dan, slightly higher in busy season… Keep in mind the cost of living here is insane.

It seems to me like you Yankees charge higher prices than we southern folk too

So Cal not cheap but it ignores the reality of living in California we have a huge price cutting battle it’s called Mexico. All the trades suffer it’s just the reality out here in San Diego residential is $6-8. With complaints from the customer

I’m a little cheaper on the regular double hungs, usually $10 - $11, but probably more expensive on storms.

Sussex County is high, but try paying for a 2br with NYC view in Montclair… jeesh lol

What do you mean by $10-$15 per window???

Is this based on how dirty the tracks are ?

We’ve been charging $10 for a year and a half now without many complaints and I think we’re on the high end for my area. Tried $12 during the summer with mixed results. Went back down to $10 and now thinking about bumping back up again. Kinda hard when the competition is doing it for a lot less. Ive thought about pricing jobs $250 and under at the higher price and those above at the lower price. Really working on just blowing people away with our service so that they have no problem paying more for a superior product.

15 bucks a window?? Is the cost of living really that high?? Maybe I’m just used to the prices most charge out here…


For me that’s based on where the job is located in respect to my base. Generally speaking the further away and/or bigger the hassle of getting to a house the more I charge. I do a very good, not necessarily mindboggling job on sills and tracks.

Haha! Sucks to be you sukka :slight_smile:
You ladies are just scared to charge higher because you think yer gonna go outta business. Brian, he said in, out, screens and tracks. I KNOW you don’t charge that little for all that. Please homie…
My bottom line comes out to 14 bucks a window if thats how you break it down, I don’t charge like that though. We do the whole works, screen magic, tracks done well, sills, frames…those windows look great…I try to hit a certain number, but it don’t always happen. Like I said, I won’t go below my bottom line, and thats 14. At that, I am not very happy about it.

Checking in here from Mile High Prescott AZ. I charge $4 / pane, $2 /screen. Same price for little
bathroom windows as sliding patio doors. It all averages out so I’m consistently at $60 / hr.
My service includes inside, outside, tracks, frames (cobwebs and the like) and sills.
Most of all, my service is about having my customers experience of window
cleaning occur for them as one of the highlights of
their week. Storm windows are rare here. Extra charges
are $5 for every place I put up an extension ladder and a travel charge of $15 if it’s outside
20 mile radius of home.


$10 for a single/double hung
$2 per screen

That’s in and out, frames, tracks, sills and sashes. Screens are brushed cleaned the frames wiped with a wet cloth. I also tried to raise prices a couple years back to $11 per window. Did not go so well. But then again as far as the east coast goes, I’m living in senorville and they are a hard sell over $10. Heck they complain about $10 lol. I was going to purchase a billboard ad here this year. I was going to put on it “Window cleaning $10”. But then I thought about the nitemare of having 1000’s of senors calling and expecting to have their entire house cleaned for $10.

But Ray it might work…if you get thousands of calls…you may land some…lol

It would be cool to make this a real survey analysis. Maybe try to poll 1,000 companies in 50 states + Canada and see what the real average is.

Hey, Tony, do you use Screen Magic on every screen? Is that really necessary? Isn’t it kind of pricey? Why not use GG4 or whatever you clean the windows with?

Thanks for your help and advice…