EAST COAST Window Cleaners BBQ

Get registered here for the Window Cleaners / Pressure Washers:

East Coast BBQ

This makes me want to arrange a west coast window cleaners bar crawl in san diego, who’s in?

I’m game. We need more west coast crap, the east coasters are making us look bad :cool:

Man we never have any East Coast events… They are always in middle America… The East Coast hasnt had one in a long time…

San Diego would be an awesome place for one… You guys have the best weather…

I’m in. I love walking on the tarmac in San Diego in February…!?

Very funny Chris. I’m heading to New York/ New Jersey that week for a family reunion and plus my Dad turns 80. I may swing this, ok if a west coaster crashes your BBQ?

Oh for sure! We would love to have you… Whats it been a year or so sense we grabbed lunch?

I would really like to hang with all of you guys but we are having a surprise 70th Birthday Party for my Dad on that date. Maybe next time.

Oh sheesh November 2010!

Dang! I didnt think it was that long…

On the west coast we bbq all year.

Will this be at your shop ?

Yep we have a big lawn.

Great… Im going to try and get there early on Friday… Maybe some guy would like to meet for dinner ?

We’ll be there, but will have to leave early, we have System of a Down / Deftones tickets for later that night.

Just a tip… the Quality Inn is nice, we stayed there a month or so ago on a hiking trip. Alpine Haus is SUPER nice.

If you book the Appalachian make sure you get the Appalalachian HOTEL and not the Appalachian MOTEL… the A.Motel is creepy.

Let’s do it!

I say west coast golf tourney

Yall should come host a BBQ in Texas!!

There should be the window cleaners intercourse extravaganza every year. Intercourse, PA

I know some amish who through a wicked ho-down

You only see an Amish hoe down, during rumspringa!

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