Ecover soap

Hi guys. I don’t want to start the soap wars all over again, but does anyone have a suggestion for a good environmentally friendly soap with good slip? I was using Ecover, but they went and changed their formula. I tried Trader Joe’s, but it has no slip at all. Any comments on how the new Ecover compares with the old formula? I know there are the Dawn / Joy / GG proponents out there, but I am really looking for something a bit greener. Thanks in advance.

I’ve been using new formula for about a year now. Personally haven’t noticed any difference. To get extra slip I cut it with IPA (ratio ECover 70 IPA 30)



Dawn is as “green” as it gets. They use it to get oil off of ducks.

If you want slip, get the dawn with the baby seal on it. The baby seal ingredient makes great slip.


The new Ecover is the same as the old one , I don’t see any difference


Good to hear. Still haven’t tried it yet. Went back to dawn. I will buy some soon. :+1:

2017 WS for you my brother. Hope they win :pray:. Houston better win today.

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