I met Matt in person yesterday and truly enjoyed chatting him up. He is young, energetic and likes to laugh.

We met in a parking lot so he could see my rig/setup. He gave me some rubber for my wagtail and we had much to say about methods, rubbers and tools in general.

The experience was new to me as most window cleaners are slow to exchange info with guys in their hood.

Matt, I applaud your style bro.

Kudos man.

I truly enjoy Matt’s posts, and his enthusiasm shows.

I like matt too…cool chap.

I second that as well, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Matt a bit too. Way to be Matt!

You Guys are awesome!!! I love learning from you’ll and just hanging.

Phil, I look up to you man, where you are is where I want to be. You are who you hang out with, so I want to surround myself with the best people I can find and Phil is an over flowing spring of knowledge who is awesome…

WTF, no more of this pussy stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

but really, Phil is a great guy.